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SeaWorld Carnival Games Wildside 14

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SeaWorld Carnival Games Wildside 14

Raise your hand if you’re the parents that NEVER stop at the arcades in theme parks. Um, yeah, that would be us. When walking past the SeaWorld carnival games, we create distractions so the kids don’t beg and plead to stop. There may have even been a time or two when we made up bogus excuses as to why we couldn’t play. Don’t roll your eyes! Yes, we have lied to our children. Please forgive me. See, our thought process was, if you come to ride roller coasters, and see amazing shows, why would you play carnival games?

I mean come on, no one ever wins those games, right? Um, wrong. We went to a SeaWorld Wildside event in August, where we were given a card to play some of the carnival games. Both kids rushed over to fish for ducks. Yes, you read that right, they fished for ducks. This is the perfect game for our kids ages 4 and 5. They were able to handle the net on their own, and everyone wins a prize!

SeaWorld Carnival Games MC

With their adorable ducks, we moved on to racing dolphins. Relax, no dolphins were harmed during this game. My husband and daughter giggled as they raced against each other, while I wondered if my hubby wins, what will he do with a stuffed dolphin? I’m kidding of course. I know he’ll surrender it to the little girl that has him wrapped around his finger! Three games and three prizes, we were making it rain! The best part, we got a break from the long ride lines and stifling heat.

SeaWorld Carnival Games Prizes Wildside 14

Now, one of my favorite perks of being a SeaWorld Wildside Ambassador, is the behind the scenes access we’re offered. So with our arms full of prizes, we headed to a meet and greet with some of SeaWorld’s animal ambassadors. It was really cool to hear the handler for Bud the boa constrictor, tell us she used to be afraid of snakes. I am terrified of snakes. TERRIFIED. My children, don’t share my fear of snakes. Kids, listen up, I love you the mostest, but you will NOT have a pet snake!

SeaWorld Carnival Games and animal ambassadors wildside 14

They listened attentively as they learned snakes don’t have eyelids or ears, and other fun facts. I might have gasped when their hands shot in the air after she asked if anyone would like to pet Bud the snake. Were these really my children? All doubts disappeared, as they begged, pleaded and almost demanded we escape the heat by riding waterslides at Aquatica!

All photos in this post were taken with my LG G3 smartphone.


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