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win college football tickets Verizon Ticket Touchdown

Auburn vs. TAMU Win tickets to college football games

Last fall I took out a second mortgage to buy game tickets to watch Auburn vs. TAMU at A&M. Alright, I’m exaggerating…..a little. Let’s just say that if you added up my fuel expenses, food and beverage expenses, and price of our tickets, I could have paid for Christmas. Oh, and that was paying face value for my tickets, not scalper rates. You know what, it was totally worth it! There’s no substitute for the atmosphere of gameday inside a stadium, especially an SEC football game.

As we left Kyle Field with a win, I looked for ways to attend more games. This season I looked at the 2014 Auburn Football schedule, and saw three games I’d love to see in person: Auburn vs. South Carolina, Texas A&M at Auburn, or the ultimate game, The Iron Bowl. Hmmm…do I sell a kidney? Stand on the street corner with a clever sign, and hope I earn enough for one game ticket?

Nah, instead I decided to search for contests and sweepstakes with chances to win tickets to college football games. That’s how I discovered the Verizon Ticket Touchdown Sweepstakes. You can enter once per day for a chance to win tickets to one of these games:

win college football tickets Verizon Ticket Touchdown


10/4 – Iowa State @ OSU

10/4 – Florida @ Tennessee

10/4 – VA Tech @ UNC

10/4 – LSU @ Auburn

10/11 – Louisville @ Clemson

10/11 – LSU @ Florida

10/18 – Missouri @ Florida

10/25 – South Carolina @ Auburn

10/25 – West Virginia @ OSU


11/1 – UNC @ Miami

11/1 – Tennessee @ South Carolina

11/8 – Florida @ Vanderbilt

11/8 – Texas A&M @ Auburn

11/15 – Florida State @ Miami

11/15 – South Carolina @ Florida

11/15 – Pittsburgh @ UNC

11/15 – Texas @ OSU

11/22 – Missouri @ Tennessee

11/29 – South Carolina @ Clemson

The winners get two tickets to the college football game they entered to win (no transportation).  You can read all the fine print at Verizon Ticket Touchdown Official Rules. Go enter. Take a chance. And if you win, hit me up! NFL fans, stay tuned, I have exciting news for you too!





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