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I don’t know about you, but when I think about my wireless data usage, I imagine Pac-Man gobbling dots at max speed. I mean, I’m on my phone the bulk of the day, tweeting, Instagramming, texting, Periscoping, updating Facebook, and doing a million other things that require gigs of data, right? That’s why, when I lost my “unlimited data plan”, I broke out in a cold sweat.

Well guess what, I recently spent time talking with a Verizon executive about the new Verizon Wireless pricing plan, and was shocked to learn the average customer uses about 3GB of data per month. That’s all, just three gigs, who are these people? Now, my first instinct was to shout “who you calling average?”, because while my Dad probably uses 1 to 3GB a month, he’s not a blogger, or a social media ninja like me.

Good thing my phone was on mute, and no one heard me shouting, because she continued to explain there’s a Verizon plan for everyone. And, in an effort to make it easy to understand, they’ve broken the plans down into sizes: small, medium, large and extra large…or you can be an orange, coconut, pineapple, or watermelon.

Basically, here’s the Verizon Plan breakdown:

Small – 1 GB for $30/month

Recommended for:
Light web browsing
On and off email
Facebook occasionally

Medium – 3 GB for $45/month

Recommended for:
One user
Streaming music
Online all the time

Large – 6 GB for $60/month

Recommended for:
Video streaming
Sharing data with someone

X-Large – 12 GB for $80/month

Recommended for:
Small businesses
Big-time data users aka Social Media Ninjas

*Each smartphone line on the plan is $20 per line. All plan sizes include unlimited talk and text.

Important Verizon Plan Information For Current Verizon Customers

  • No one is being forced to switch plans, if you are a current Verizon customer on a 2 year contract you don’t have to change to the new Verizon plan-even if you choose to upgrade your phone
  • Subsidized pricing on new phones currently still exists for current Verizon customers, so you can renew your current contract and purchase any subsidized phone offered on that contract
  • Once you do make the change to the new Verizon Plan, you can’t go back
  • With the new pricing plan, every smartphone line is $20 per month, it’s $10 per month for tablet and Jetpack lines, and connected devices like smart watches are $5 per month.
  • New customers aren’t tied down by a contract & don’t pay activation fees or a down payment-just choose your device, choose your plan, and you’re in business
  • Data plans can be shared and you can switch between fruits…I mean plan sizes at any time

I’m a watermelon…well at least when it comes to data plans. I travel a lot and don’t always have access to wi-fi. If you are looking to switch to Verizon or are a current customer with questions, check out the Verizon Plan FAQ page or stop by your local Verizon store. Just be careful, Verizon stores are full of shiny new objects and you might find yourself leaving with more than answers!

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I’m a member of a pretty cool team of influencers. I receive various devices and accessories from Verizon to review. No additional compensation was provided, and all opinions are based on my personal experiences.



  1. Super easy to understand – I love that they give you usage scenarios like “streaming music, gaming” etc so everyone can understand the relation between data and how it’s consumed in actual English LOL
    Thanks Kris!


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