How The West Won the 2014 NBA All Star Game


A big thanks to Crown Royal and Diageo for providing me with a ticket, travel and accommodations for the 2014 NBA All Star Game.

Okay, so technically if the score determines the winner then the East defeated the West 163-155 in the 2014 NBA All Star game in New Orleans.  True sports fans like myself, know that the score doesn’t always tell the whole story. Just checking scores on ESPN won’t tell you about all the sick dunks Blake Griffin had, or that Griffin set a new record by making 19 field goals, passing Wilt Chamberlain’s record of 17 in 1962. By the way Griffin made 10 of those field goals in the first half, which tied Chamberlain’s record!

2014 NBA All Star Game Blake Griffin

I’ll admit as a Houston Rockets fan, I am obviously biased, and this is just my opinion. But there are some stats to back me up, like how the West drop kicked the record for most 3-point attempts by one team with 56. (Previous record was 39 by the East in 2013, source Yeah, I know, I know, if they had made all of the attempts, they would have won.

Let’s talk about Kevin Durant’s All Star performance:

2014 NBA All Star Game Kevin Durant

  • Kevin Durant scored 30 or more points for the fourth straight All-Star Game, with 38 in the 2014 NBA All Star Game. He’s averaged 34.5 points in four appearances.
  • Both Durant and Griffin had 38 points each, just 4 points away from tying Wilt Chamberlain’s single-game All-Star scoring record.
  • He’s made five All-Star Game appearances in his career, with a scoring average of 30.6, the highest in All-Star history.
  • KD attempted 17 3-pointers, breaking the Ray Allen’s (2005) previous record of 11, and Durant’s 11 in 2011

Dwight Howard 2014 NBA All Star Game

How did Dwight Howard and James Harden measure up? Both Rockets players scored 8 points each, but looked like they were having fun on the court!

2014 NBA All Star Game Dwight Howard

Thing is, with unreal seats, great friends and Crown Royal, I was happier than Pharrell, and the ultimate winner of NBA All Star weekend.

2014 NBA All Star Game Pharrell Williams

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