Day 1: #Unminivan Moments Murals, Redwood Trees, & Crabs

#Unminivan Moments San Francisco 2014 Ford Transit Connect

Ford Unminvan Moments

#Unminivan Moments San Francisco 2014 Ford Transit Connect

I’ve always wanted to hit the road in search of adventure without a destination. And last week, that’s kind of what I did when we hopped in the 2014 Ford Transit Connect, and pointed it towards Seattle. Okay, okay, yes we had a final destination, Seattle, Washington. But, we had four days to get there, and tons to discover along the way. I’d spent months plotting and planning our adventures. We had a plan.

A plan, that we threw out the window before we even started driving. The original plan had us taking I-5, weaving on and off the highway to venture to the odd and unusual. After Nicole and I talked a bit, we decided to follow the 101 scenic Pacific Coast Highway, and forget about the interstate. I looked at the 101, threw a dart about 250 miles north, and decided we’d aim for Loleta, California. Choosing Loleta, was about as random as a game of eenie, meenie, miney, moe.

So we loaded our bags, and jumped into the Transit Connect, and headed south. Yes, not north, but south, for a quick visit to Google. Guess what? Google doesn’t offer public tours. Actually, the Google campus is closed to the public. We weren’t able to see the sleep pods, and Vince Vaughn doesn’t really work there. You can take photos of the statues in front of building 44, and if you’re super lucky, you’ll see a few of the Google self driving cars zip by.

Google HQ

Back on the highway headed north, we were on our way out of San Francisco. And then we realized, its almost lunch time. It would have been wrong to leave the city by the bay without eating sourdough bread. Another detour, this time right to Fisherman’s Wharf to join the tourists. This is where we picked up a passenger. Relax, no hitchhikers rode in the Unminivan, unless you count Crabby the sourdough crab, our mascot. Forgive us, because miles later, Crabby became our afternoon snack.

Leaving San Francisco we stopped by a cool mural in downtown for a quick photo opp. Back on the road, we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, and continued north. When we changed our route, we only had a few places to check out. Who knew the 1-2 spots I thought we’d stop by would be closed or inaccessible? Like, apparently you can’t drive the Unminivan through a Redwood tree. Who knew?


Ford Transit Connect Redwood Trees

I wish we’d had the GoPro camera running, when Nicole saw Redwood trees for the first time. The wonder and amazement, her excitement, it was magical. That was just the beginning of our journey. A journey that took us 1371 miles, and created memories we’ll have forever. Check out the video highlights of Day 1 on the road #Unminivan Moments.

Stay tuned for more!




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