The Generous Pour At The Capital Grille: Experience The Wine

Generous Pour at The Capital Grille

The Capital Grille invited me to try The Generous Pour during a dinner at The Capital Grille CityCentre Houston. All opinions are based on my personal experience.

I just returned from a West Coast road trip that passed on the outskirts of wine country. With no time to stop for tours or tastings, I drove past signs for wineries like Kendall Jackson, with regret. I would have loved to stop in Napa, and learn more from the experts. It was painful, but made me appreciate The Capital Grille’s Generous Pour Event even more. Just a few weeks before this trip, I was able to try all seven wines offered at Generous Pour 2014.

For $25 with your dinner, you’re able to experience five highly acclaimed wines, and two exclusive premieres.  All seven wines are hand selected by Master Sommelier George Miliotes for their flavor and variety.

Personally, I tend to favor red wines regardless of the food or season. So when ordering in my comfort zone, I’ll usually choose a Pinot Noir. My least favorite variety is Chardonnay, because I don’t like my wine to taste like an oak tree. Of course, my preferences and previous experiences shape how and what I order, and I often miss out on new wines. With The Generous Pour, I was able to try three white wines, I might not have discovered otherwise, like the 2012 Byron Chardonnay from Santa Barbara, California.

2012 Byron Chardonnay-A boutique wine with the perfect balance of fruit and a subtle oak finish. It begins with lovely aromas of stone fruit, fig, and honey. Followed by flavors of ripe apples, pineapples, and pear. With a long finish with hints of brown spice and minerals.

2012 Carmel Road “Liberated” Riesling-I’m not a fan of sweet wines, but this Riesling was sweet without overwhelming the taste buds. Fermented in stainless steel tanks, there’s no oaky flavor influencing the crisp citrus fruits. Paired with the spicy calamari at The Capital Grille, it was my favorite white wine of the three offered.

2012 Atalon Sauvignon Blanc-This is the inaugural vintage and  they recommend you pair it with lobster & crab cakes. Light, full of citrus flavors and very crisp and refreshing.

I enjoyed all three of the white wines, even the Chardonnay. They were the perfect way to start my meal alongside the calamari and lobster bisque. Next up, red wines with my Kona crusted dry aged bone-in sirloin.

2012 La Crema Pinot Noir-My first experience with La Crema wine was with the 2012 La Crema Pinot Grigio at The Capital Grille in May. I fell in love with their Pinot Gris, so it’s no surprise, their Pinot Noir from Williamette Valley, OR was my favorite red. This Pinot Noir is the first release of Williamette Valley, and has the perfect balance of acidity and fruit. From fruit on the nose to a hint of coffee on the finish, it was the perfect choice with my steak.  Thank to The Capital Grille, I’m obsessed with the La Crema wines!

2011 Freemark Abbey Merlot-This Merlot is very powerful, with its taste shaped by the mountain berries from their famous Sycamore Vineyard. I tasted the dark chocolate early on, along with the rich berries. The Capital Grille Generous Sommelier describes it as “sweet and spicy.”

2011 Arrowood “Catchwire” Bordeaux Blend-This wine from Arrowood is exclusive to The Capital Grille. This blend is about 80% Cabernet, the balance is Merlot and Petite Bordeaux. The oakiness was too much for me personally.

2012  Kendall-Jackson “Winemaker Selection” Cabernet Sauvignon-This is a can’t miss wine, with only 60 barrels made, and is exclusively available at The Capital Grille this summer! Crafted with hand selected Cabernet grapes, there’s blueberry and plum on the nose for a rich, flavorful wine balanced by vanilla and cinnamon.

Generous Pour at The Capital Grille

Sure, I’m sad I missed Napa, but the servers at The Capital Grille have extensive wine knowledge. They spend three days of intense training with a vintner from Kendall-Jackson, prior to The Generous Pour event. Not only did I discover a new favorites, but I also learned a lot about the wineries. Hurry in before August 31, and enjoy a relaxing meal, with amazing wines at The Capital Grille Generous Pour 2014.




  1. Tasting seven wines in a day picked by Master of wines would be an absolute package! Thankful for events like this which helped wine lovers learn more not only about wines but also with wineries. Worth sharing this with friends.

  2. It seems that it’s one of the delicious one today. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it. I am collecting some good wines and I want to get and buy another one. Your reviews can surely help me a lot. Thanks.


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