Who Had The Best Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials?

Budweiser Puppy Love Super Bowl commercial

Budweiser Puppy Love Super Bowl commercial

By now if you don’t know I’m a sports fanatic, well this must be your first visit to my site. I feel like you don’t know me at all. So, here’s another fun fact, I have a degree in advertising from the University of South Carolina. I’m not sharing this because I think it makes me smart, I’m sharing, so you understand why I’m such an ad geek. I love ads. Love them. Which means the question isn’t who won the Super Bowl on the gridiron, but who had the best Super Bowl commercials 2014?

Let me count them down. Warning this is based totally on my personal impression, not on any polls or scientific studies.

10. T-Mobile Starring Tim Tebow
Tebow might not have had any playing time on the field, but with two T-Mobile commercials featuring him, he had more air time than Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning. Why do I love it? Great way to highlight T-mobile’s no contract program, now if they can just improve their coverage!

9. TurboTax
Almost everyone can relate to this commercial, or at least all of the Texans fans are nodding their heads, yes! Why do I love it? It was a perfect fit.  TurboTax made it relevant to the game and the time of year.

8. Doritos “Cowboy Kid”
If you have a sibling, you can relate to Doritos Cowboy Kid commercial. Even though I was the older, bigger sibling, I still appreciate the execution of this ad. Why do I love it? Not only does the younger brother outsmart his older brother, but after snatching the Doritos he’s an expert roper!

7. Volkswagen Wings
There’s just so much to laugh about in this Volkswagen commercial, and yet you still get the point that Volkswagen’s are made for the long haul. Why do I love it? The visuals are awesome, plus as a parent, I can totally relate to the way the daughter doesn’t believer her dad’s story and throws a ridiculous example back at him.

6. Audi Doberhuahua
I had to watch this commercial a few times before I became a fan. Initially, I found it funny but felt like you’d never remember it was for Audi. I still don’t “love” it, but it is entertaining and definitely creates a buzz. Plus, my hubby and kids love to say “Doberhuahua”.

5. Hyundai “Nice”
Fans of the show “Big Bang” all know Johnny Galecki has “no game”. So Hyundai decided to play off his lack of finesse in their Elantra commercial, and it worked! Why do I love it? Hyundai shows off the Elantra’s features in a fun and entertaining way, while showing they’ve got game!

4. Jaguar British Villains #GoodtoBeBad
Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddelston, and Mark Strong are the bad guys in Jaguar’s British Villains commercial. Action. Adventure. F-type coupes. It’s like watching a James Bond movie but without Bond. Why do I love it? The commercial feels more like a movie trailer than an ad, but makes me want to get into a Jaguar F-type even more than before. And while I’d prefer to be behind the wheel, I’m open to the idea of riding shotgun with Tom Hiddleston/Loki.

3. Toyota Highlander Terry Crews & The Muppets #NoRoomForBoring
Create a commercial that involves The Muppets singing, a flock of chickens, Terry Crews and Kermit the Frog, that still allows the all new Toyota Highlander to shine, and it’s gonna rock! Why do I love it? I can watch this commercial several times and see something new every time. The Muppets don’t over shadow the Highlander or the point that it has more room.

2.Radio Shack: The Phone Call
Make a commercial with some of the best 80s characters EVER, and use self-deprecating humor to show that you recognize you needed an update…nailed it! Why do I love it? Okay so other than the walk down memory lane, this was an awesome way for Radio Shack to grab your attention and show how much they’ve changed! Even if you don’t know who Alf, Hulk Hogan, or Q-bert are the message was still effective.


1.Budweiser Puppy Love #BestBuds
First, for me I always have super high expectations for Budwesier’s Super Bowl commercials. They’ve set the bar high in previous years, and I always wonder can they outdo themselves. Why do I love it? This year’s commercial featuring the puppy and the Clydesdale’s, pulled heartstrings around the world. But even though I love this commercial, its not going to influence me to drink more Bud; it does however, make me want to buy a puppy.

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial of 2014? Did you watch it online or during the big game?


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