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Verizon Wireless


Timeshift with Blackberry & Verizon Wireless

Thursday night in Chicago started out kinda strange. Lacey, Rachel and I left the Big Toy Book party, hopped in a cab and were headed to the Verizon Wireless Time Shift party. One would think a cab driver in Chicago would know where the Art Institute of Chicago is located….right?

Um..not ours, of course he waits until we’re loaded and moving until he drops the bomb on us! “Where? Do you know how to get to the Art Institute? I’m a new driver.” So we all whip out our smartphones and try to help the cabbie navigate. And then I remember, I saw the museum earlier, when exploring the city.

Do you know how to get to the Bean? It’s near the Bean, I saw it earlier. “Oh yeah, the Bean! I can get you there.” We were dropped off safe and sound in front of the museum, on the wrong side of the street. Actually, wrong location altogether because we needed to enter the modern wing.

We were rescued by Seth, our chariot driver! He whisked the three of us off our feet, in his 2 seater! How many people do you know arrive at a VIP Verizon party via a rickshaw pedicab? Well, now you know at least one. It had to be the best entrance of the night, as we rolled to a stop in front of the #VZWTimeshift signs.

Verizon Wireless Party

I had no idea it was a retro themed party, but Seth pedaled us uphill while wearing sunglasses…which, once we were inside reminded me of the old Corey Hart song,”I wear my sunglasses at night.”

I’m sad we were late, but the party was still hopping. There was yummy food at different stations representing different times, as well as specialty cocktails. The Blackberry cosmo was the winning combination, fruity but powerful!

Verizon Wireless

While I didn’t whip out my dance moves, there were lots of dancing queens on the floor. I really tried hard not to sing along with the band, Wedding Banned, but they kept playing some classics, and eventually I caved. Who can resist singing to “Jessie’s Girl” or  “Livin’ on a Prayer.”

Verizon Wireless American Thighs

Yes, the bass player aka AmericannThighs on Twitter, was wearing short shorts! I can’t say it any better than this quote from their website:

If you want to have one of those, “you should have been there nights,” come and see Wedding Banned!

Verizon Wireless

Food, drinks, and entertainment with friends, made the night one to remember. But the fun didn’t end when the party was over. We left with a swag bag or party favors, which included a Blackberry Z10, a Blackberry flexible keyboard, and a mini Bluetooth speaker. I’m in the process of getting it set up so I can see if the rumors are true, that Blackberry has reinvented themselves in the smartphone market. Stay tuned for my impressions!

A huge thank you to Verizon Wireless for hosting a hip party with AH-mazing gifts! Also, thank you to Alicia with Making Time For Mommy, that invited me as her guest. 





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