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Springfield Brewing Company Mug Club
Photo Credit Springfield Brewing Company

Springfield Brewing Company Route 66

As Springfield, Missouri continues to evolve and downtown focuses on revitalization, brewpubs have found a home. In 1997,  Paul Mueller Company purchased the large two story building that currently houses the Springfield Brewing Company. The large two story building is located just a few blocks off of the town square, and is home to their one of a kind stainless steel brewery tanks and restaurant featuring locally sourced ingredients.

The entire building has been refurbished with warm woods, while maintaining its character with vintage windows and the red brick exterior. There are plenty of spots to sip a cold one or enjoy a meal from the large main bar area on the first floor.

Above the main bar is a beautiful display of hanging mugs that represent the exclusive ‘Mug Club’. There are 338 shiny half liter mugs that belong to some serious beer lovers, who want to get a first taste of the new brews as soon as they’re released! Springfield Brewing Company’s Mug Club, is a members’ only club that only opens membership once a year with limited spots available.

Springfield Brewing Company Mug Club
Photo Credit Springfield Brewing Company

On the second floor, there is a smaller bar designed to serve the wide-open area perfect for those grabbing a bite to eat with their beer. With six beers rotating on tap there’s something for every beer snob’s palate, with clever names like the ‘Quencher in the Rye’, an award winning dark malt blend IPA. Those looking for something dark and strong should try the the dreamy ‘Tstarry Night’, that gets its color from a blend of roasted malts and barley.

Tstarry Night Springfield Brewing Company

With so many to choose from, it quickly came down to our waitress making a recommendation for our ‘lunch tasting’. Since we arrived at the lunch rush, we needed to fill our time, so up first was an award winning seasonal offering aptly called ‘Clove Hitch Hefeweizen’. Once popular in the 1800’s, the Hefeweizen has been brewed at the Springfield Brewing Company since 1998, providing locals with a light and refreshing option to heavier dark brews. Coming in off the warm streets of downtown Springfield light and refreshing was the perfect combination, but then it was time to get adventurous while hiding behind a grilled chicken salad made of fresh local ingredients.

Next up was the Brewmaster Special from Brewmaster Ashton Lewis – ‘Del Feugo’ or Black Beer of Fire as it translates from the official name of ‘Cerveza Negra del Fuego’. Easy to see why the shorter name is so popular, and why it is such the right name! It arrived at the table looking like a glass of dark roast coffee with just a hint of a head. The expected coffee smells are immediately replaced by the aroma of roasted peppers! While the beer was served cold, the powerful flavor from the hot smoked chile peppers are packing the heat. This is a beer that will be remembered!

Springfield Brewing Company Del Fuego

Only available in the months of May & June until it runs out, here’s the official description of Del Fuego by Springfield Brewing Company: Del Fuego starts off with dark, roasted malt notes accented by the Chipotles, and quickly displays dark fruit and heat (yes this beer is spicy and a little hot) thanks to the entire cast show; Chipotle, De Arbol, Pasilla, and Ancho peppers. The De Arbol, Pasilla, and Ancho peppers are not smoked and have a spicy, fruity and raisin-like flavors that add complexity to this brew.

Springfield Brewing Company is the oldest craft brewing company in Springfield, Missouri with six rotating beers on tap
Photo from Springfield Brewing Company Facebook Page

When in Springfield and looking for something in the downtown area that reaches across a broad array of food and beverage, the Springfield Brewing Company is one to consider. Just remember, when the Del Fuego is in season (May-June), best to grab one while you can… just don’t breathe on close friends for a while. If visiting in the fall make sure and try a Springfield Brewing Mayhem Marzen, this beer has won two awards: 2014 World Beer Cup Gold German-Style Marzen and the 2001 GABF Silver Medal German-Style Märzen/Oktoberfest.

You’ll find the brewpub at 305 South Market Avenue – Springfield, MO 65806, just look for the grain silo out front.

With many thanks to Susan Wade with the Springfield CVB for hosting In Deep H2O contributor Michael Marrs.


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