Sequin Wines Just A Few of My Favorite Things

Sequin Rose Wine is deliciously fruity and refreshing but not too sweet

Disclaimer: I was sent a bottle of Sequin Rose’ Wine to facilitate this review. All opinions are mine, and while you may wonder, I promise this was written while I was not under the influence.

Sequin Rose Wine is deliciously fruity and refreshing but not too sweet

I tried to keep the bottle of Sequin Rose’ wine in my fridge long enough to share with friends. I did, I tried, and I failed. Cooler weather, homemade chicken tortilla soup, and lack of discipline led me to open the bottle.  The party inside, is the reason I drank the entire bottle. Yes, I tried lying to myself. I reasoned there was probably a hole or a leak in the bottle, there’s no way little old me drank the entire bottle.

Sequin Rose wine review
Photo Credit Sequin Wine

In my defense, how was I supposed to resist the sweet strawberry, lychee and hints of citrus that made my taste-buds dance? I blame the bubbles. I blame my friend for having plans. And I blame the wine guy that sent me this wonderful bottle! Okay, so I don’t really blame the wine guy.

However, let me warn you, drinking Sequin wines may inspire you to sing and dance. I was inspired to write a little ditty, to the tune of “My Favorite Things.”

Sausage and cheeseballs on beautiful platters
White wine or red wine are choices that matter
Sequin Rose’ or Sequin Pinot (Grigio)
Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Noir in big glasses
These are a few of my favorite wines
When the wine’s chilled

When the cork pops
When I’m sitting by the fire
I simply drink a glass of my favorite wine
And then I feel so fine

Think this might be the next big hit, leave me a comment so I can make sure you’re one of the first to know when the single is released!

Sequin wines come in Rose’, Pinot Grigio and Moscato, and should be served ice cold or over ice. Add some cranberry juice to the Sequin Rose’, and you’ve got an instant cocktail.

“Like” Sequin Wines on Facebook to find more recipes and learn more about their varieties. Retail is $11.99 a bottle, but I found it in Houston for under $10 a bottle. Cheers!


    • I didn’t think it was too sweet, but I know everyone has their own opinion. I definitely liked pairing it with the spicy chicken tortilla soup versus sipping it as a dessert wine. I’m not a huge fan of sweet wines, and thought this was just right


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