In Search Of Charlie Brown Statues In Minneapolis

Charlie Brown Statue in downtown Minneapolis

Charlie Brown Statue in downtown Minneapolis

I wasn’t trying to play stump the concierge when I asked, “Can you tell me how to get to the Charlie Brown statues?” From the looks of the front desk staff at the Graves 601 hotel, they thought they were on an episode of “Punk’d”. The general consensus: you need to go to St. Paul to see the Charlie Brown statues.

“But, I drove past two Charlie Brown statues yesterday, on my way back to the hotel. It was raining, and I didn’t have time to stop, but I’m pretty sure they were within walking distance of the hotel.”

They scratched their heads, tried to Google it, and still came up empty. Anyone less determined would have given up, but I’m a huge Snoopy fan, and was set on taking photos of the statues. I asked the Starbucks employees, you need to go to St. Paul they said. I asked a security guard outside the hotel, no idea he replied. Well, how safe is it to walk around the city, I asked him. “Safe enough, I guess. Just don’t accept rides from strangers.” Or candy….

Then I started walking, and asked random strangers that looked like locals, “can you tell me how to get to the Charlie Brown statues”, I mostly got strange looks. It might have been easier to ask them how to get to Sesame Street, or the Mary Tyler statue.

Where Are The Minneapolis Charlie Brown Statues Hiding?

Finally, I found someone that realized I wasn’t insane, and knew where to find the Charlie Brown & Lucy statues in Minneapolis. “You’re looking for the Star Tribune building on Portland Avenue. The statues are across the street in the paper’s park.” Yes! I knew I didn’t imagine them. Although, he looked at me like I was insane for wanting to walk to them. Seriously, this is Minneapolis, named the “fittest city in the U.S.” for the third consecutive year, why not walk.

Maybe it had nothing to do with “walking” and more to do with the fact that it was 50 degrees, very windy, I was wearing my Luccesse boots, and a lightweight jacket. My feet were going as fast as they could carry me, past locals sporting North Face and Patagonia heavy duty jackets and boots. No doubt, I was not blending into the local scene.

After walking about 10 blocks, while my ears turned into icicles, I found the statues in the¬†400 block of Portland Avenue, downtown Minneapolis. The Charlie Brown statue, nicknamed “Shine”, was created by artist Max Haynes, ¬†painted to look like he’s made with mosaic tiles.

Charlie Brown Statue at Star Tribune Building in Downtown Minneapolis

Thank you to the jogger that was kind enough to stop and offer to take a photo. Mid-westerners really are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet!

Peanuts Lucy statue in downtown Minneapolis

Extra! Extra! Lucy was also designed by artist Max Haynes and sponsored by the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper. Round trip, I probably walked around 20 blocks from the hotel.

Was it worth it…you bet your Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! But next time I’m in Minnesota, I definitely have to allow time for a visit to St. Paul where there are hundreds of Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy, Linus and Snoopy doghouse statues!



  1. There are also some in Woodbury, MN (just east of St Paul) – by Woodbury Cafe off Tamarack Road & I494, and in Roseville, MN too – don’t forget to take time for the suburbs, they have some pretty cute ones!


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