Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Features That Make Life Easier #VZWBuzz


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Features

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…wait, let’s try this again. One month ago, a blogger discovered five Samsung Galaxy Note 5 features that would make life and work easier. With her new device she harnesses the forces of Samsung, and the Verizon network to make calls, rock the world of social media, and capture the best memories. Now, she could continue telling you about her love of the Note 5 in third person, or write like Yoda, but let’s focus on easy, not complicated.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Features I LOVE

    • The Screen, the Screen. Simply put the adaptive 5.7″ Quad HD Super AMOLED 2560×1440 resolution display is stunning. Its the first thing anyone will notice, and once it grabs their attention, you may have to fight them to get your phone back. Yes friends, the screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is luring iPhone users away from the Dark Side. I’d prefer watching movies on my Note 5 to some TVs.
    • Camera-As a Mom I often see the perfect moment, but then by the time I find a camera, the moment has passed. With my Note 5 I can double tap the home button and launch the 16 mp camera in one second. Bonus the images it captures are awesome and I use my Note 5 photos for blog posts! You can also shoot in pro mode and save a RAW file if you’re an experienced photographer. Still an amateur, me too, but the Note 5 camera makes my photos look professional!
    • S Pen– I used to text myself reminders or notes, now with the S Pen I just jot down the note and save it. Even if my device is asleep, I can write down a quick note. I also use the stylus to drag and drop text, draw on photos, and to capture a screenshot or a scrolling screenshot. Plus, I can use the S Pen to sign documents, save as a PDF and email! No more printing, signing and scanning.
    • Samsung Side Sync-With the Side Sync feature I can sync my Galaxy Note 5 with my Samsung tablet or my PC, drag and drop photos to my PC and more. I’m also able to answer phone calls and reply to text messages on my Samsung Tab or PC. I love this because if my phone is in the bedroom and I’m in the office, I can still answer the phone before it goes to voicemail.
    • Samsung Pay- A lot of times I rush out of my house and forget to grab my debit card, but I always have my phone. With Samsung Pay, I can use the app to pay with just a swipe, and my fingerprint at most places, that accept credit cards. Its secure and I don’t have to worry about losing my credit cards.

Almost everyday I discover a new way to use my Samsung Galaxy Note 5, whether its for fun or for business. Sure, its a BIG phone, but with a big device, you also gain flexibility and functionality. Now, sing along with me everyone, “I like big screens and I cannot lie.” Do you have a Note 5? What are your favorite Samsung Galaxy Note 5 features?

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Disclosure: As member of a pretty cool team of influencers, I receive some of the latest and greatest devices from Verizon. All opinions are based on my personal experiences. 



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