Rockets Steal Top 10 NBA #ReignOn Plays of the Week

Crown Royal Reign On


Crown Royal Reign On

Houston Rockets fans are on the edge of our seats as we watch the season wind down, and our team is plagued with injuries (Beverley, Howard). In this week’s Top 10 NBA #ReignOn Plays of the Week from Crown Royal, Houston is featured. Um, except, the basketball is swiped from Harden, then the Rockets steal it back and…well see for yourself in play #4.


My favorite play this week, is #3 featuring Kevin Durant and the OKC Thunder. Durant is one of the most fun active players to watch on the court. He’s got mad talent, plays like it’s effortless, and makes the NBA look fun again. It’s no surprise to see Durant frequent the top 10 plays of the week, but where’s Blake Griffin this week? Never mind, his play against the Rockets last week still haunts me.

With our team hurting from injuries, and rumors of issues between Coach McHale and Jeremy Lin, this season has me pacing the floor and sipping on Crown Royal to calm the nerves. Sure, Houston has clinched a playoff spot, but how far will we go? The Rockets future depends way too much on the health of Dwight Howard and Patrick Beverley, along with the performance of James Harden.

You know if the Houston Rockets could play as consistently as the whiskey made by Crown Royal tastes, the future would look bright!

What’s your favorite play in this week’s top 10?

For Crown Royal, to Reign On is to win, and we want you to Reign On responsibly this NBA season.



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