P.F. Chang’s Summer Menu A Girls Night Out Favorite

P.F. Chang's Orange Peel Shrimp


Thank you P.F. Chang’s for sponsoring a girl’s night out featuring the P.F. Chang’s summer menu. All opinions are based on my personal experience.

PF Chang's Summer Menu

Friday nights have changed a lot over the last 10 years.  Married, with two young kids, living in suburbia, Friday nights are no longer about wild nights clubbing. Okay, the reality is, in my world, Friday’s were never about “wild nights”. Actually, my ideal Friday night these days is a toss up between a date night, or a girl’s night out with close friends. Instead of a loud, crowded bar, I prefer a place with good food, where you can talk without shouting.

Last night, my best friend Brittney and I went to P.F. Chang’s for a girl’s night out to catch up with each other. After playing the highly competitive, try and find a parking spot at The Woodlands Mall on a Friday night, we were both ready for a cocktail. The new summer menu has two new P.F. Chang’s cocktails: the Spicy Paloma and the Pink Cherry Cosmo.

Looking for something different and refreshing, I tried the Spicy Paloma, made with Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila and freshly squeezed white grapefruit juice. Its both sweet and spicy.

Our server Stephanie was on the ball, and we’d barely tried our cocktails, when our Vietnamese Lemon grass Chicken Spring Rolls arrived. I’m not a big fan of spring rolls, so I was only planning to take a small bite. I actually liked the combination of cool rice paper with the sweet chili dipping sauce, and my spring roll quickly disappeared. I’m always surprised when I try something I normally wouldn’t order, and like it!

PF Changs Summer Menu Vietnamese Lemongrass Spring Rolls
Vietnamese Lemongrass Spring Rolls

This summer I’ve been so busy, and on the road almost as much as I’ve been home. Sitting in the roomy booth at P.F. Chang’s, I thought Brittney and I would catch up on what’s happening in our lives. It wasn’t too loud to talk, but we were too busy eating spring rolls, followed by the Cantonese Style Lemon Chicken and Orange Peel Shrimp.

PF Chang's Summer Menu Orange Peel Shrimp

One of the best parts of sharing a meal at P.F. Chang’s are the generous portions. I was looking forward to my shrimp, but after tasting Brittney’s crispy chicken breast with warm lemon sauce, I discovered a new favorite. And Stephanie’s spicy sauce mixture was perfect for adding a little more heat to both dishes and the brown rice. An added bonus, the leftovers I brought home to share with the hubby and kids.

This summer P.F. Chang’s is celebrating their summer menu with the “Perfect Pairings” Contest. What’s the Grand Prize? Oh, you know, just a trip to Boston for two with an exclusive Sam Adams Brewery Tour. Afterwards, the winner will enjoy a 4-course pairing dinner at the P.F. Chang’s downtown Boston. Yes, they had me at Sam Adams Brewery Tour! Also, every entry has a chance to win a $100 P.F. Chang’s gift card.

PF Changs Perfect Pairings Contest

The Details: Contest runs from July 11 – August 18. The winner will be chosen by August 29.

To enter the contest visit P.F. Chang’s Perfect Pairings Contest and tell them what two things you think pair perfectly together for the chance to win a trip for two to Boston to tour the Samuel Adams Brewery and dinner at P.F. Chang’s!

“Asian-inspired dishes go with craft beer like _ and ”…..Batman & Robin or Despicable Me and Minions. (don’t use my examples)

Be creative and good luck!




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