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Omni San Antonio at the Colonnade Kids Discovery Suite Bed



Omni San Antonio Hotel at the Colonnade

I’m going to tell you a secret. The Omni San Antonio Hotel at the Colonnade has the coolest kids suite ever. EVER! Alright, maybe that’s not a secret per se, but I had no idea. I thought Omni Hotels were for business travelers, and couples romantic getaways. Family friendly, wasn’t my first thought, but then we spent a weekend with the Omni San Antonio Hotel at the Colonnade. Guess what, the kids were more pampered than the adults!

Omni San Antonio at the Colonnade Kids Discovery Suite Bed

Okay, so maybe they got a little extra attention because we were celebrating my son’s birthday (I doubt it, I hear they spoil all kids). See, HP turned 4 on August 11, and I was in Seattle, Washington wrapping up my epic road trip. Everyone repeat after me, “Bad Mommy!” It’s true, that was a bad Mommy moment. BUT, it also sparked me to come up with an epic birthday surprise. How cool would it be to take the kids to SeaWorld San Antonio for the weekend, and surprise them with their own hotel room? Not just any room, but the Omni Discovery Kids Suite! A dream suite, where when kids finally fall asleep after enjoying cookies and milk, they dream sweet dreams.

Omni San Antonio Kids Suite Bathroom

Where oh where, were rooms like this when I was a kid? Twin beds. A basketball goal with foam balls, and authentic San Antonio Spurs jerseys. An Xbox 360 AND a Wii U. A giant chalkboard. Books, hats, a desk, and their own bathroom. I walked around the room, and thought, would be weird to book this suite, even if we didn’t have kids? Hmmm…..don’t judge me.

Kids Suite Omni Hotel San Antonio at the Colonnade

It was after 9 PM when we checked into the hotel, and the kids were beyond exhausted.  And then…the manager opened their room door. BOOM, it was like they received a shot of adrenaline. Our son immediately claimed the green bed, while our daughter claimed the pink. “Look Mommy, movies, games, chalk!”

They rattled everything off, with the excitement of Christmas morning. I interrupted the chatter to sing Happy Birthday, and show them the chocolate cake and milk the Omni delivered to the room. Yes, at that moment, I’m pretty sure I was the top candidate for “Mom of the Year”.

I was thrilled to see both of them enjoying the Discovery Kids Suite, but even more excited that we had our own room. Plus, our room also had two TVs. I climbed into bed to watch HGTV, while my hubby claimed the couch in the living area to watch the History channel. It wasn’t long, before I found myself in the kids room, playing video games with them! “Does Daddy know how much fun he’s missing?”, my daughter asked. She went to tell him, and discovered Daddy was already in dream land. Poor guy was too tired to even make the couch into a bed!


Of course I wondered, would the kids be able to sleep in a room packed with fun? Yes, I discovered them asleep in the same bed, the following morning.

Omni Hotel San Antonio Colonnade

Waking them up was easy. Convincing them to leave the Omni San Antonio Hotel at the Colonnade for Aquatica, was a challenge. I had to promise we’d get back in time to play more video games, and watch “Frozen” or “Cars” at the float in movie by the pool. I have no idea how they still had energy to swim, after another full day of water slides, but we closed the hotel pool down!

Omni San Antonio Hotel at the Colonnade Pool

Getting them to leave by check-out the next morning was even more difficult. Pleas of “just one more game”, and “but can’t we stay one more night”, echoed through the hotel halls. I pulled a Mom trick, and distracted them with the Omni kids backpacks, and apples from the lobby. The flashcards and coloring book kept them occupied for part of the drive home.

Omni Hotel Kids Backpack

It’s pretty clear the kids loved the Omni San Antonio Hotel at the Colonnade but, did I mention we loved it just as much? It was a little further away from SeaWorld than where we normally stay, but it worked out perfectly. I loved the way the kids felt spoiled, yet we still had our own space. Because after a long day in the sun, the last thing I want to watch is a kids show. With separate spaces and four TVs, we were all able to have some down time. Oh, and while I joked the kids were the rock stars, the exceptional customer service, made us all feel like VIPs.

Omni Kids Discovery Suite

By the way, if you’re visiting Six Flags, you can grab ride with the complimentary Omni San Antonio Hotel at the Colonnade shuttle. They also offer complimentary rides within 5 miles of the property. Or, if you’re visiting Aquatica, you may want to book their Aquatica suite for the kids.





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