Verizon Commercial With Ricky Gervais My Network is Better Than Your Network #VZWBuzz

Ricky Gervais Verizon Commercial Better Matters

Verizon Commercial With Ricky Gervais Better Matters

Okay, I LOVE the new Verizon commercial with Ricky Gervais, talking about how Verizon is America’s number one network. Why? Well, let me count the reasons, 1. it’s funny, no matter the context whenever the word “rubbish” is used, its funny, 2. how can you not love listening to Ricky’s accent?, 3. he’s right, Verizon has all the other networks beat!

Now, maybe you’re scratching your head right now. Perhaps, you’re not scratching your head, but you’re shaking your head and disagreeing with me. You know what? Fair enough! But, regardless of that commercial, or any commercial about networks and their coverage, my network is better than your network…unless you’re on Verizon.

Sure, we can look at the numbers, the charts, the graphs, and the data, but that’s not really where I’m coming from with this argument. Nope, I’m just saying that in my experience, my coverage and customer service is better than the “others.”

Let me break it down for you, a few weeks ago I was in Las Vegas watching Elton John perform in Caesar’s Palace. I was texting friends and posting photos to Facebook, while the people seated next to me complained about their network. My service was working just fine!

Or let’s talk about how many times I’ve been on the phone with friends and the call is dropped because they drove through a “dead zone”. A what, who knew dead zones still existed? Um, and you guys, this happened last week, not last month or last year, but last week. And when I mentioned that I haven’t gone through a dead zone, or dropped a call while driving in years, they thought I was the strange one.

Sorry guys, but I don’t want to be on the phone with my kids, or a client and worry about the call dropping because I’m driving home and might cross a dead zone. I don’t want to wait twenty minutes for my photo to upload. I want speed, and reliability. I want the better network!

Maybe this sounds like an ad, but this isn’t an ad. This is me, telling you, what I told my friends experiencing the dropped calls….I’ve been a Verizon customer for a long time, and I like knowing I can count on the reliability of my network whether I’m home, or on the road!

Don’t believe me, well according to RootMetrics©, the largest independent third-party tester of wireless network performance, Verizon is #1 in speed, data, reliability and overall network performance in the U.S.!

Disclosure: As member of a pretty cool team of influencers, I receive some of the latest and greatest devices from Verizon. All opinions are based on my personal experiences.



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