Name That Movie: 2013 SEC Football Teams Schedule Posters

2013 SEC football teams schedule
2013 SEC football teams schedule
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2013 Vanderbilt Football Schedule Poster

Thursday night the South Carolina Gamecocks kick off against the UNC Tarheels, and I’ll be glued to the television. Ughhh…scratch that, I won’t, because somehow I committed to attend a Mom’s night. Yep, on the very night that SEC football season starts! So I don’t repeat this mistake, I’ve added all schedules for the 2013 SEC football teams into my calendar!

Looking at all of the 2013 SEC Football Teams schedule posters, was kind of like browsing the now playing and coming soon movie posters at the theater. Is there a competition between schools for “best in show” or best schedule poster? Some posters are ah-mazing and some could use a re-do.

Warning: This is me, having a little fun, with the SEC football teams schedule posters. I take football seriously, actually that’s true, but I also find the fun or funny in everything!

2013 SEC football teams schedule posters

2013 SEC football teams schedule

2013 Kentucky Football Schedule Poster

The 2013 Vanderbilt football schedule poster is the best of the litter! It’s intense, reminds me of Marvel’s “The Avengers”.

Kentucky’s team poster, well, where’s the team. Is the message they’re depending on one player to wake the nation? Will he be “Captain America”?

2013 SEC football teams schedule

2013 Tennessee Football Schedule Poster

University of Tennessee’s poster makes Coach Butch Jones look like a NASCAR driver posing for the press with a helmet in his hand. This season watch the Volunteers head coach drive his team in “Days of Thunder”.

Auburn, UT, and Arkansas are the three SEC teams that emphasize the coach more than the players on their poster.

LSU football schedule

2013 LSU Football Schedule Poster

What was LSU thinking? Maybe they should have just put Charlie Sheen on the poster and said “Winning”.

SEC football teams schedule

2013 Mississippi State Football Schedule Poster

Mississippi State’s team are practicing their pose for their debut in a movie known as “Friday Night Lights”.

Mizzou football poster

2013 Missouri Football Schedule Poster

Mizzou’s poster, is he trying to be fierce or is he preparing for “Wrath of the Titans”? Maybe he’s begging for mercy from SEC opponents, since last season’s 2-6 SEC record felt like an ambush.

Johnny Manziel football poster


2013 Texas A&M Football Schedule Poster

Texas A & M’s poster, name that movie, “Cheaper by the Dozen”, “The Longest Yard”, or “Two for the Money”.

2013 SEC football teams schedule


2013 Florida Football Schedule Poster

Florida’s poster, I can’t even compare this to a movie poster, it feels too much like a Nike ad.

2013 SEC football teams schedule


2013 Alabama Football Schedule Poster

Alabama, my arch enemy, and the defending National Champions. AJ McCarron and CJ Mosley star in “The A-Team”.

2013 SEC football teams schedule


2013 Auburn Football Schedule Poster

Can Gus Malzahn right the ship, since last season it felt like we were on the “Titanic”? Auburn’s football schedule poster for 2013, influenced by my optimism of course, “Hunt for Red October.” Let’s dodge our opponents, watch Nick Marshall launch torpedoes with his arm, and have a season that doesn’t end in October.

Georgia football schedule

2013 Georgia Football Schedule Poster

Aaron Murray and crew on the 2013 Georgia football poster, or the movie poster for “Animal House” the re-make.

2013 SEC football teams schedule


2013 Arkansas Football Schedule Poster

Coach Bret Bielema  leads the 2013 Arkansas razorbacks to “Never Yield” with a saw blade on their poster. “Saw” opens on the Arkansas field on 8/31 against Louisiana’s Ragin Cajuns.

2013 SEC football teams schedule


2013 Ole Miss Football Schedule Poster

Really, at a loss with the Ole Miss schedule poster. Maybe “The Last Stand”, based on his strange pose, I keep thinking “Dumb and Dumber”.

2013 SEC football teams schedule


2013 South Carolina Football Schedule Poster

After last season’s hit heard round the world by South Carolina defensive end, Jadeveon Clowney,we’ll call this one “Kick Ass”.

By the way, while looking at posters and schedules, I discovered these great schedule wallpapers for EVERY football team on College Spun.

What are your thoughts? Leave me a comment with your movie poster names!

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