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LEGO KidsFest Toy Story

LEGO KidsFest 2014 schedule

Being a parent is one of the best excuses for playing like a kid. Yes, we were that strange couple walking up and down the toy aisles when I was pregnant, dreaming of all the fun toys we would buy our kids. It seems we always spent the most time on the LEGO aisle. Last year when LEGO KidsFest came to Houston, my husband I were pumped to take the kids and build some fun!

LEGO KidsFest Fun

We’re all sad LEGO KidsFest isn’t returning to Houston in 2014, but we might hit the road for LEGO KidsFest Dallas in August. Any excuse to road trip, and find some new adventures with the family. I still can’t believe we spent four hours building LEGO cars, playing with LEGO cities, and posing for photos with some of our favorite celebrities like the Toy Story LEGO characters.

LEGO KidsFest Toy Story

If we would have let her, my 4 year old daughter, would have spent the entire day in the LEGO DUPLO construction zone. She built a zoo and a farm, while her younger brother was building trains and tracks. For just a minute, I thought about letting the kids bury me in the brick pile, but then I thought “Hmm, better not.” When my son saw his favorite character Lightning McQueen in LEGO form, his eyes grew big as quarters and he made a beeline for the car. (The look on his face is one of shock and confusion because Lightning wouldn’t talk to him)

LEGO Lightning McQueen

If you’re planning to go to a LEGO KidsFest event in 2014, here are a few tips:

  • Arrive early, crowds are big and you want to be able to get in and play
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Bring well rested kids ready to play
  • Don’t forget your camera!
  • Hand sanitizer is your friend
  • Strollers are allowed (depending on your child and distance to parking lot I recommend having a stroller), the event covers 150,000 square feet and after 4 hours you and the kids are tired of walking

 LEGO Harry Potter

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