JW Marriott San Antonio Offers Guests Free BMW

JW Marriott San Antonio BMW Resort Driving Tour
Photo by JW Marriott San Antonio
Photo by JW Marriott

I don’t need a reason to want to spend a night, or several, at the JW Marriott San Antonio. Its my favorite resort in all of Texas. Actually I must confess, the beautiful property surrounded by the Hill Country, is my all time favorite resort. They’ve set the bar high from exceptional customer service to excellent amenities. And, they just raised the bar a little higher by offering guests a free BMW from now until October 26, 2014.

JW Marriott San Antonio BMW Resort Driving Tour
Photo by JW Marriott San Antonio

Okay, hold up, before you design and order your customized license plate for your “Free BMW”, let me clarify. JW Marriott San Antonio is NOT actually giving away BMWs. If they were, I’d be out driving my new Beemer right now, instead of telling you about the BMW Resort Driving Tour. However, they are offering guests the chance to drive one of nine BMW models for no additional charge.

Get behind the wheel of a BMW 640i or 435i convertible and feel the wind in your hair. Prefer a bigger ride, experience the luxurious BMW Gran Coupe four-seater or the elegant 335i xDrive Gran Turismo. I don’t know about you, but I’d be happy in the driver’s seat of any of the nine BMW models. So happy, that, since the only requirements are: be a registered guest & have a valid driver’s license, I might just play hide and seek with the hub’s DL. Or, maybe since he’s not a drinker, I’ll just drive the first leg of our adventure, then let him chauffeur me back to the JW Marriott San Antonio.

BMW 335i Gran Turismo JW Marriott San Antonio
Photo Credit JD Power

There are so many fun options in the Hill Country, I’m not sure if we’d plan a route, or just see where the road leads us. Daytime loans have three hours to explore, and nighttime loans are five hours. Plenty of time to drive over to Gruene, TX for a romantic dinner on the river, and still have time to two-step at Gruene Hall. Of course if you can’t pry your spouse away from the award winning golf course, there are plenty of places to shop in San Antonio. Or if you aren’t the car enthusiast I am, give your significant other the keys while you spend a few hours in the Lantana Spa.

Oh, and remember when I mentioned the JW Marriott Hill Country is my favorite resort? Well, they aren’t requiring you to replace the gas or clean the car! Your only mission, and I highly recommend you accept it, is to get in a BMW and drive! Be sure to like JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa on Facebook and follow @JWSanAntonio on Twitter to stay in the loop for special events and promotions.




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