Jimmy Kimmel Serves Dr. J: 3 Ridiculous Questions

Dr. J Crown Royal
Photo by Jack Dempsey for Crown Royal

I just returned from an UNREAL trip to New Orleans, thanks to the Crown Royal Center Court program! UNREAL! No, I wasn’t interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel, and as far as I remember he wasn’t bar-tending at any of the spots we hit up. But, even better than that, I shook hands with the Master of Basketball, Dr. J (Julius Erving)! Maybe a more accurate description would be, my hand was swallowed by Dr. J.

Sitting in a private room at The Metropolitan Nightclub in New Orleanswe had the opportunity to ask the doctor a few questions. His first words, “For those of you that don’t know, my name is Julius”, of course we all laughed.

Crown Royal NBA All-Star Weekend
Group photo by Jack Dempsey

Let’s say you had the chance to ask Dr. J a question, what would you ask? Certain questions are off limits, well, unless you are Jimmy Kimmel. Watching this hilarious clip, I can’t even imagine keeping a straight face and asking anyone if he could make a sandwich with his feet….or dunk a baby. The last question is hands down the best!

What’s better than talking with the legendary Dr. J, how about sharing a toast with him? Extraordinary opportunities call for an extraordinary beverage, like the new Crown XO! Just like the Master of Basketball, Crown XO is smooth, elegant and one of a kind.

Crown Royal Whisky Tasting
Photo by Jack Dempsey
Crown Royal All-Star Weekend Dr J
A toast with Dr J Photo by Jack Dempsey

Dr. J talked about his on-going relationship with Diageo and Crown Royal; how corporate image is shaping today’s players decisions to participate in competition like the Slam Dunk contest; and his newest endeavor of Dr. J Enterprises. And, while we were all in awe at how well spoken and generous the Doctor was with us, we were shocked and ecstatic that he brought us all gifts!

Crown Royal NBA All-Star Weekend
Brian Chen, Sean Fancois and me with our new Dr J hats

I LOVE my new Flexfit Dr. J signature logo hat! One of my favorite moments of the weekend was later that night, while watching the NBA All Star Slam Dunk Contest, when Dr. J said “Sick is Sick” after Paul George’s dunk. Yes, that dunk was sick and so is my gift from Dr. J!

For Crown Royal, to Reign On is to win, and we want you to Reign On responsibly this NBA season.

A huge thank you to Diageo and Crown Royal for an unforgettable meet and greet with the legendary Dr. J the Master of Basketball and tasting Crown XO with Robert Sickler the Master of Whisky.




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