Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kobe Bryant 3 Ridiculous Questions #3RQ

Crown Royal Monarch 75 Anniversary Blen

Crown Royal Monarch 75 Anniversary Blen

I like to think of myself as zany, quirky, and unpredictable. If given the opportunity to meet and interview a major athlete or celebrity, I don’t think I’d ask the “normal questions.” Let’s say I had the chance to share a glass of Crown Royal’s new Anniversary blend with Kobe Bryant. We’re sitting at the bar, and I can ask him absolutely anything, before we drink a glass of the new¬†Crown Royal Monarch 75th Anniversary Blend.

They can’t be the same old same old, boring interview questions, like “who’s your favorite athlete”, or “best moment of your career”. I can ask him anything, absolutely ANYTHING, so what three questions would I ask NBA superstar Kobe Bryant?

  1. Have you ever pretended to be Michael Jordan or another famous NBA player in public?
  2. How many times have you practiced at home or on the court in your underwear?
  3. Who do you have a man crush on?

I think the real question, would be, could I ask any of those questions with a straight face, like Jimmy Kimmel does? Come on, how can you ask Kobe Bryant if he was a female what would he want his name to be? Check out this clip as Kimmel asks Kobe, three ridiculous questions:

Okay, so whose questions are better, mine or Jimmy Kimmel’s? By the way, if you have the chance, pick up a bottle of the Crown Royal Monarch 75th Anniversary blend. This limited edition¬†signature coffey rye whisky, highlights the elegant complexity of light spice, caramel, and dried fruit. I haven’t had the chance to try it yet, but the gorgeous bottle and special bag are the perfect edition to any bar.



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