Is Instagram Withdrawal A Real Condition?

Instagram app for windows phone
Instance Windows Phone app
Instance photo with Times filter

Several months ago I received the HTC 8X Windows phone, the timing was perfect since my Droid Bionic was officially on life support. A serious Android fan, I wasn’t very enthusiastic to be moving to a different OS.

The  slim design and speedy performance delivered by the 1.5-GHz dual-core Qualcomm S4 CPU and 1GB of RAM are impressive. With so many options to personalize the home screen, I began to forget about my first love, Android. When people ask me about the phone, the first thing everyone comments on are the live tiles, which of course I love.

I downloaded the usual suspects, translation my favorite apps: FourSquare, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Insta…WHAT?! That’s when I learned, Instagram isn’t currently available on Windows Phones. While some of you may be shaking your head, and saying “so, what’s the big deal?” Well, it’s a huge deal for a blogger or social media nut, that shares their experiences through photos from their phone!

Symptoms of Instagram withdrawal set in, when someone asked how I liked my phone, I responded “It doesn’t have Instagram, but the user interface is great.” Rumors were circulating that Instagram was coming to Windows, just have patience. That was January, its now August, and the app I’m obsessed with still isn’t available.

I started spending hours looking for my next smartphone, and counting the minutes until I was eligible for an upgrade! Why is it that I get so excited about signing a new 2 year contract and spending more money?And then, about two months ago during a #VZWBuzz chat, I learned about Instance.

Instance the 3rd Party Instagram app for Windows Phone

Instagram app for windows phoneInstance is a third party app developed by Daniel Gary, that allows users to take and upload photos to Instagram. Its currently the closest thing there is for Instagram addicts, I mean users, with a Windows Phone. The good news, it allows you to upload photos, apply filters, comment and interact on Instagram.

It’s not the same as the original app its modeled after, there are less filters available and they are different, but it does look pretty amazing. Here are some photos I’ve taken and uploaded to Instagram via Instance.

Photo in Instance with Grace filter
Instance photo Graffiti filter
Instance Hobbes filter
Instance photo Hobbes filter

The bad news: just last week Instagram updated their API and security settings to prevent spam, which resulted in photos from Instance disappearing. You were able to upload them, but then they either weren’t visible to others, or were deleted.

As of now, the app is working again, but the developer knows that its possible the road may get bumpy again. If Instagram wants to lock out a third party app, Windows phone owners may be back to square one. Is, Instagram withdrawal real? It is for me.






  1. Yes, it is a real disease. I tried another phone where I could not Instagram and post on FB and Twitter at the same time and I couldn’t even downgrade to that!


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