Igloo Cooler Is Heating Things Up in Katy, TX

Igloo Cooler

Igloo Cooler

On every trip we make to San Antonio, TX, we always drive past Katy and Igloo road at exit 735.  The first time we drove past, I joked, “Look there’s an Igloo in Texas.” Corny, I know! I also wondered, what happens in the Igloo building? Here’s what I imagined inside the Igloo Cooler plant: coolers everywhere, filled with sodas, beer, wine, and brisket!

Then, a few weeks ago I toured the Igloo plant,  where my dreams of beer filled coolers were crushed, but I did learn more about their Made in the USA products!

Igloo Cooler Katy

Igloo Cooler Made in the USA

I’m not a native Texan, so my mantra is not, “Everything is bigger in Texas.” I am, however, excited when I learn about products I use, that are made in my home state. Products Made in the USA are not just a myth, they exist, and some of them like Igloo cooler have been in your home for years!

Over 19 million hard sided coolers are made in Katy, TX EVERY year!

Along my tour I learned a LOT!

Igloo Cooler

  • There are a little over 700 employees that work full-time at Katy’s Igloo headquarters.
  • Igloo is the #1 cooler brand in the world!
  • 3 out of 4 homes own an Igloo cooler (we have 6)
  • The Igloo Factory Store is open to the public and has scratch and dent coolers, extras, and last year’s model for sale. Open Monday-Friday
  • Every Yukon cooler made has a serial number, so it can be insured in case its stolen! (And yes they are so awesome, people will steal them)
  • There’s a lot of love, attention to detail and time that goes into making a Yukon. Each roto molded cooler has to bake for approximately 6 hours.
  • Tours aren’t open to the public, yes I was a lucky duck getting a behind the scenes look
  • While Igloo cooler has amazing products for keeping your food & drinks cold, the plant is HOT!

What I enjoyed the most, and really didn’t realize until I toured their product display rooms, is that Igloo cooler has really diversified. They’re moving away from the red & white or blue & white color combinations, and offering style and function! Since we spend a LOT of time at water parks or amusement parks, its nice to have a cooler that stands out from the crowd.

Igloo cooler

I can’t wait to use my new Auburn collegiate cooler for tailgating this season! Stay tuned for my review, and tales of my cooler adventures!

Also, if you are in the market for a Yukon and want a deal, September 19-21 from 8 AM-5 PM, the Igloo Cooler Factory store is having their annual blowout sale. That’s your chance to stock up on coolers and save, like Yukon prices from 40-60% off!

Igloo cooler

Thank you Igloo for giving me a media tour of your facilities!



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