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Hunter Swing HTC One Max Photo


HTC One Max
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“What is that?” The most asked question since I’ve been using the HTC One Max phone that HTC sent me to review. I usually smile, before answering, “well that depends”. A geek might call it a “phablet”, cross between a phone and tablet. I’ve frequently joked it’s my secret weapon, and weighing in at 7.7 ounces, it could be used in self-defense. No, I haven’t smacked anyone with it yet, there’s not been a need; but I have used it as a phone, a tablet, a remote control, nav system, camera, babysitter for the kids, gaming device and more!

HTC One Max Review

Next thing most people say, “It’s HUGE.” I know it’s a cliche’, but I just wink and say “well, size matters”. I mean isn’t size a big factor when choosing a smart phone. Size of the battery, storage space, and screen size are all important factors when I’m shopping for a new phone. And the HTC One Max isn’t just big for the sake of being large. The 5.9 inch screen with 1920 x 1080 display is perfect for watching a movie on a long flight or road trip. Its dynamic audio aka BoomSound, from the dual front facing speakers, sounds better than my laptop speakers. Now I don’t need  to lug around my laptop on a 2-3 day trip, and my laptop is definitely bigger!

HTC One Max Review Size Matters

Battery life is my biggest issue with smart phones, my husband calls me a battery killer. My previous phone, the Samsung Galaxy S4, would only give me 4-6 hours of life before needing life support from my New Trent external battery charger. The official battery stats mean very little to me, 3300 mAh embedded rechargeable Li-polymer battery, translation based on my experience “the boss of batteries.” While in Detroit at the auto show, I was on my phone taking over 100 photos, Tweeting, posting to Instagram, Facebook, checking e-mails, and made a few calls from 7 AM for 10-12 hours. Result: at 10 PM I still had 17% battery life remaining. Note: those results are while using the HTC power case double dip flip.

 HTC One Max Battery

HTC One Review The Camera Rocks

This is one my absolute favorite photos taken with the HTC One Max. HTC confuses me with their Ultrapixel rating, so I won’t even attempt to explain it. Let’s just say I’ve been very pleased with the quality of photos taken with the phone. It does, however, work better in low light environments vs. bright areas where the photo is sometimes washed out. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here are some examples.

Hunter Swing HTC One Max Photo

 1965 Ford Mustang

One of my favorite features, the ability to make a 30 second video clip from photos. It’s so easy my three year old could do it, yet its a great way for a blogger to create a professional clip from a press trip!Check out this clip I made from my recent visit to The Henry Ford Museum in Detroit.


Sense TV

I totally geeked out over the Sense TV feature, and it drives my husband NUTS that I can control any TV in our house with my phone. Our children are constantly losing our remote controls, or at least they get the blame fr the lost remotes. Now its a non issue because I just use my phone, which not only impresses friends but, has caused complete strangers to express phone envy.

User Interface & BlinkFeed

I had zero experience with BlinkFeed before the HTC One Max. I’d heard and read you either love it or hate it, and was anxious to see which side I would be on: Team Love or Team Hate. The result, I love BlinkFeed, especially the ability to customize my feed. Now, even when traveling I can stay up to date on trending topics in the news, see my Facebook/Twitter feed in one place, and even save articles to read later!

Overall, I’m very happy with my HTC One Max. Bigger is better and the HTC One Max delivers bigger performance, better entertainment options, and awesome battery life!

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Thank you HTC for sending the HTC One Max to facilitate this review.



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