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I’m not sure what James Harden is drinking, but I wonder if its rocket fuel! For the second week in a row, 24 year old Harden was named NBA’s Western Conference Player of the Week. Shattering records on and off the court, Harden is the first player in Houston Rockets history, to win the award in consecutive weeks in the same season. Reign on James! Let’s celebrate with a Houston Rockets Giveaway brought to you by Crown Royal!

The Rockets are on fire and have jumped to the number one spot in ESPN’s NBA Power Rankings. Harden’s 41 points, 10 rebounds, six assists and six steals, in the overtime win against Portland has fans buzzing about a conference championship. March has definitely been a phenomenal month on the court, but with eight more games to go this month it’s too early to predict the future.

Last night’s loss to the OKC Thunder stung, as the five game winning streak was snapped like a toothpick. Hopefully, the team re-groups and uses the loss and the fact that the Thunder and Clippers are the only two top teams they’ve yet to defeat this season as motivation. Houston Rockets are a team full of young talent, also full of possibilities. If Lin, Parsons, Howard and Harden all bring their A game, they might be unstoppable!Rockets forward Chandler Parsons recently described Harden as fun to watch and unbelievable!

Coach Kevin Hale and the players feel Rockets fans have played a big part in the team’s recent winning streak. Whether you’re sitting in Toyota Center or at the mall, wearing Houston Rockets gear is a great way to show your support. So….Crown Royal has provided me with a $100 NBA gift certificate for this Houston Rockets Giveaway. You can redeem the certificate online at the NBA.com store!

Crown Royal Reign On

NOTE: Giveaway is only open to readers 21+.

For Crown Royal, to Reign On is to win, and we want you to Reign On responsibly this NBA season.

Houston Rockets Giveaway NBA store gift certificate


  1. Tim Duncan is our favorite NBA player, sorry Rockets. Our children went to kindergarten together, during the Christmas play when my daughter was dressed up as an angel she just kept pacing the stage waving into the crowd saying Hi Tim Duncan, Hi Tim Duncan!! It was priceless. She may or may not have worn a jersey almost every day that year 🙂

  2. “Muggsy” Bogues was always my favorite. He was a guard, I was a guard and we were both really short. He also is a awesome ball handler:)

  3. My favorite player of all time is Michael Jordan, but currently I am loving Chandler Parsons. Not only is he a great player, but he is just so darn cute!


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