Honda Accord V6 Coupe Is A Ride Down Memory Lane

Honda Accord Coupe Review
2017 Honda Accord Sedan Touring and Accord Coupe Touring

2016 Honda Accord Coupe Review

“You never forget your first” might be a trite saying but it is so true. I’ll never forget my first kiss, my first crush, and buying my first car. When it came time to buy my first brand new car, I knew I wanted a four door sedan with a reputation for reliability. Friends questioned my choice of a 2000 Honda Accord versus something sportier and flashier. But for me, that Accord was the perfect partner for numerous adventures and road trips for eight years.

I loved my black Honda Accord so much, that my Dad went in three months later and bought his own, but in a V6. In 2008, I traded my car for a large SUV to meet the needs of my growing family. My Dad’s 2000 Accord is still riding the open roads with 366,000 miles on it. Um, Dad, you definitely got your money’s worth out of old “Izzy.”

Sixteen years later and I climbed behind the wheel of America’s most popular, best-selling car over the last four decades. I was instantly attracted to the stylish appeal of the 2017 Honda Accord Coupe Touring V6. The recently refreshed exterior, seems to strike the perfect balance of timeless style. While the Accord’s design has continued to evolve over the years, Honda’s reputation for reliability and great resale value have held strong.

Honda Accord Coupe Review

One of my favorite features in today’s Honda vehicles is the LaneWatch blind-spot monitoring system. Honda’s LaneWatch provides a live video of the passenger side of the vehicle through a camera mounted in the passenger side mirror. Drivers get a great view of the curb or any hidden vehicles on a high-quality 7-inch media screen. LaneWatch is activated when using the right turn signal or on demand by pressing the LaneWatch button.  I think Honda should nickname this technology the “avoid the curb” preview or “save your rims.”

Honda Accord Coupe Touring Interior

With a stylish exterior, roomy interior, responsive handling, fuel efficiency and the HondaSensing safety package, the Accord checks all the boxes for a mid-size car. For the real enthusiast, you can channel your energy into shifting gears with the manual transmission available only in the EX-L V6 model, ($31,760). Our test drive vehicle was the 2017 Honda Accord V6 Touring, which is only available in automatic.  I found myself using the paddle shifters throughout the week, while the subtle roar of the 278-horsepower, 3.5-liter V-6 provided the soundtrack.

Safety is covered in the Accord with the “HondaSensing” package which includes: collision mitigation braking system, adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, and road departure mitigation

While I love the exterior of the Accord Coupe, as Mom of two kids still riding in booster seats, I need four doors. But even with only two doors, the Coupe still has room for five passengers. Whether you choose the Coupe or the sedan, you’re still getting a lot of car for the price tag, ours rang in at $35,210.

There’s a reason the Honda Accord has enjoyed four decades of success. They understand their customer base! While Honda updates their designs and embraces new technology like Apple Car Play and Android Auto, they don’t lose sight of what their consumers want: safety, reliability, and strong re-sale values. Its affordable, practical and a choice buyers can make with confidence.


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