HandCraft Heroes Recognizes The Ordinary & Extraordinary

Handcraft Heroes

Handcraft Heroes 

Disclosure: I was provided with complimentary HandCraft Wines to enjoy and share with friends. All opinions are original.

Yesterday was an almost perfect day. Opportunities knocked on the door.  The house is still standing, although not clean, and life was as smooth as HandCraft Wines Inspiration Red. No, I didn’t finish a marathon, rescue a kitten, or do anything profound, but I still felt like celebrating!

I think the vintner of HandCraft Wines, Cheryl Indelicato, really gets me, even though we’ve never met. You can taste her enthusiasm for creating wines that everyone can enjoy in both the HandCraft Wines Inspiration White and Inspiration Red.

“A glass of wine is celebratory whether at the end of a long day at work or a special occasion. It’s all about making the most of life’s moments – big or small. That’s inspiration.” Cheryl Indelicato

Much more than just her philosophy about wine, and that she appreciates Italian influence in HandCraft wine varieties, I love her commitment to give back. Especially because the HandCraft Heroes program, is near and dear to my heart. My Mom, my hero, battled breast cancer three times in just 60 years, while we watched the disease take away her soul.

Cheryl’s experience as a Registered Nurse, fuels her passion in the fight against breast cancer. In 2012, HandCraft donated $100,000 for breast cancer awareness, research and prevention. This year, they’ve formed the HandCraft Heroes Facebook Campaign, designed to recognize and reward those impacted by and making a difference in the fight!

HandCraft Heroes

“Dr. Sheri Phillips, National Spokesperson, Susan G. Koman 3-Day and I started this new grassroots campaign to celebrate those individuals who share their time, talent, resources, and by their actions, inspire others to seek early detection for breast cancer as well as those who support those who are ill and undergoing treatment. These are people who challenge us to be our best, to do more than we think we can, and inspire us by example.”

Calling All Breast Cancer Warriors and HandCraft Heroes

This campaign is awesome because it recognizes everyone affected by the disease, the caregivers, the survivors, and the warriors. HandCraft Heroes runs through through September 30, 2013, so run on over and nominate yourself or someone you know.

While the prizes are pretty incredible, just being recognized is beyond awesome. The cherry on top, is that three winners will be selected and honored at a private inspirational retreat hosted by Dr. Sheri and Cheryl in Monterey, California in February 2014. Double bonus: Cheryl will donate $2000 to the pink charity of each winner’s choice.

One of my greatest regrets as I watched my Mom suffer, was not being able to take her on a nice trip. It would have been amazing to take her on a vacation, a respite from the chemo, the doctors and reality. So, stop reading, and go nominate a HandCraft Hero! Let’s stomp out breast cancer together, then do a victory dance, while celebrating with a glass of HandCraft wines.

“Like” HandCraft Wines on Facebook, follow HandCraft on Pinterest, and join the conversation on Twitter @HandCraftWines with #HandCraftHeroes.




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