Grand Texas Theme Park Brings Amusement to Houston

Grand Texas Theme Park Main Street
Photo Source Grand Texas Facebook


Grand Texas Theme Park Main Street
Photo Source Grand Texas Facebook

Every time we drive down to Reliant Stadium for Rodeo Houston or any event, my husband brings up AstroWorld. Every. Single. Time. I don’t remember AstroWorld because it closed before I became a Houstonian. Apparently, its a sore spot for most locals, who get a wistful look in their eyes when they talk about the park that closed in 2005. The fact that the 4th largest city in the U.S. doesn’t have an amusement park, falls into the “things that make me go hmmm….” category. It seems that may change next year, Grand Texas Theme Park has plans to bring Houston an amusement park just 30 miles north of the city.

Privately owned and sitting on 610 acres, Grand Texas doesn’t want to be compared to AstroWorld. Not only will the park sit outside of the city, but final plans include a sports park, entertainment venue, RV park, two hotels and a lot more. Most of Houston, including myself, are chomping at the bit for more details of the thrills we can find within the 150 acres. So far, not much has been said, and construction has experienced several delays from weather to red tape.

According to CultureMap Houston,visitors can expect the theme park to be a combination of entertainment and education, or “agritainment” as developers are describing the concept. Plans include a barn, pony rides, a hayloft playground, and exhibits where guests can learn more about Texas cattle and farming on the 14 acre Flint Ranch. They even have a mascot, “Lasso” the horse!

Grand Texas Mascot Lasso
Photo Source Grand Texas Facebook

The current plan is to open Big Rivers Water Park in April of 2015 and the theme park by the end of 2015. Water park, did someone say water park? Information on the water park is hard to find, but I hear it will be 40 acres of fun set inspired by a quaint fishing village. I have big dreams of a family friendly water park, where I can find thrills, and the kids can continue to share my passion for adventures in water.

When all the dust settles, and the gates finally open will Houstonians still long for AstroWorld or will the charm of Grand Texas put the past behind them?

Grand Texas Entertainment District is located at Hwy 242 and US 59/I 69, with property on the north and south sides of Hwy 242. Connect with Grand Texas Theme Park on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest news.



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