My Garmin vivofit Says It’s Time To Move #VZWBuzz

Garmin Vivofit

Garmin Vivofit

I don’t pretend to be healthy. Nor do I fool myself into thinking that with a New Year, I’ll magically develop healthy habits. But this year I have made some minor, sustainable changes to my diet and exercise, in order to reduce my stress. So, it’s awesome that Verizon sent me the Garmin vivofit activity tracker to use and review.

Garmin vivofit review

I’m no stranger to fitness trackers. I used to wear my FitBit everyday. While using it, my activity level increased as I tried to keep pace with friends steps. Eventually though, I would take it off for a shower or to charge it, and forget to put it back on my wrist. Right now, it’s probably sitting in a drawer like a forgotten toy.

With a need for a fitness tracker that’s water resistant, Garmin created the vivofit. An activity tracker that’s water resistant, has a 1+ year of battery life without the need to be re-charged, and shows the time!


Garmin vivofit Features:

  • Shows steps taken, calories burned and distance moved 24/7
  • Displays a red bar that works as a “get moving” alert if you’ve been stationary for more than an hour
  • It’s really a smart device: vívofit learns your activity level and sets daily goals to help nudge you forward
  • Sleep mode can monitor total sleep hours as well as periods of movement and restful sleep.
  • Wear the adjustable, water-resistant wristband in the rain or the shower
  • Use the Free Garmin Connect Mobile app to record and watch your progress, download daily workouts, join challenges, compete with friends and more
  • Sync your data wirelessly with iOS and Android devices using Bluetooth 4.0 and the Garmin Connect Mobile app
  • Two replaceable coin batteries last up to one year
  • Works with a heart monitor
  • Buy additional color bands to show your style

Garmin Connect

I’ve used my Garmin vivofit for a few weeks now, and hate to admit I haven’t met my daily goal yet. I see the red “you need to get up from that laptop and move” button on a regular basis. Oh, and I’ve only earned two badges, but I still see a future with this activity tracker. I love not having to take it off when I shower, or re-charging it every 5-7 days. There are a few changes I’d love to see like a backlit display, but overall the vivofit meets most of my needs.

Garmin Vivofit Connect

Right now you can buy a Garmin vivofit from Verizon wireless for less than a $100. It makes a great gift, and a fun device for couples to use to challenge each other to be more active. Now, excuse me, while I go walk a few laps, and try to hit my goal!



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