My Daughter Was Almost Crushed To Death

Furniture tip over accidents statistics

Furniture tip over accidents statistics

Did you know a child dies every two weeks due to furniture tip over accidents?¬†This is my personal experience that happened last night, because although our furniture was anchored, it wasn’t done properly.

Yesterday was a super long day. Both kids spent the day arguing, whining, and pitching fits for no real reason. My husband was nowhere to be seen until around 9:30 PM, and that’s about the time dinner went into the oven. The highlight of my day was the bottle of wine he brought home, and watching “The Bachelorette” alone in the bedroom. Of course, the kids came in and interrupted my peace and quiet. Sometimes, I think they have an internal alarm that goes off if I have 10 or more consecutive minutes alone.

Hugs and kisses for both, I sent them to their bedrooms to get their pajamas on and head to bed. JB (my husband) was in the den dozing off and on, in front of the television. And then, our world collapsed, literally. Through the closed bedroom door I heard a loud crash, immediately followed by screaming and crying. I bolted from the bed and went running into our 5 year old daughter’s bedroom.

I made it there a few seconds behind my husband. The scene was TERRIFYING. Her chest of drawers had tipped over, and our daughter was trapped beneath it. He grabbed the colossal piece of furniture, that weighs at least 200 lbs when empty, and pulled it up, while I grabber her arms and slid her out. Everything happened so fast, I didn’t even have time to process if anything was on her chest, her head, etc.

I wrapped her tightly in my arms, then took her into our den where I checked her for bruises, bumps and bleeding. Rocking her back and forth, as much to soothe myself as to calm her, my heart was beating faster than a race car in the Daytona 500. She stopped crying, and her first words were, “Mommy, I’m naked.” Um, yes, sweetie because you were changing into your pajamas, and I don’t care as long as you aren’t hurt.

We went back into her room to get her pajamas, and the kids and I got on our knees to pray together. A Guardian Angel must have been watching over her, maybe it was my Mom, or my father-in-law, but someone saved her from being crushed. After we’d calmed down, and took another look at how the wall bolt had snapped, we noticed a ride-on toy prevented the dresser from falling directly on her. It kept the dresser at an angle, saving her from the chest of drawers making contact. She didn’t have a bump, bruise, or a scratch on her.

Of course I don’t have photos of our daughter trapped, but I wish there had been a camera to catch the event. I wish I could share what I saw, the image that is forever burned into my memory. An image that I could share, that might create awareness, and inspire others to properly anchor their furniture. Last night’s accident could have been a tragedy, one that can be prevented. I still shake, and feel sick just thinking about my daughter on the floor, trapped and crying.

PLEASE, please, please if you are a parent of a child under 10, or a caregiver or relative, go and check your TVs, your dressers, appliances, bookshelves, any and all furniture, that can tip over and crush your child or pet. You can check out Shane’s Foundation or Consumer Product Safety Commission for more information.

Update: Friend have been sharing this to create awareness, and maybe that’s why this happened. I received a message from a ¬†friend tonight that shared a similar story, only worse. Brooke wasn’t as lucky as my daughter, and she required surgery. Read Brooke’s Story, and if you’re thinking this can’t happen to me, think again.



  1. We literally JUST had this happen to our 3 year old son this weekend.. they were upstairs for naps and all of a sudden I hear a MASSIVE crash … i’m super pregnant and can’t move fast but my husband leaped up the stairs and saw through the doorway the tall dresser we have had been toppled over.. THANK GOD we found him on his bed scared, crying and shaking but OK. He had been trying to climb up the drawers to get something on top of his dresser. Needless to say when we move in 2 weeks, I will be anchoring EVERYTHING to the walls. It was a beyond scary situation and as you said for your daughter, someone up there was looking after our little guy as well.


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