Challenge Accepted: Ford Transit Connect #UnMinivan Moments

UnMinivan Moments Ford Transit Connect #Unminivan


When Ford called me and asked, “Do you wanna build a snowman?”….er, wait, wrong conversation. They actually asked: How would you like to have your own, Chevy Chase style road trip, in our all new Ford Transit Connect? Okay, so those aren’t the exact words they used either. It was more like, hey, we like your site, its random, and quirky, just like our all new #Unminivan campaign. If you like us too, would you and a friend, like to take an all expense paid road trip in the Transit?

Road trip! My mind, and my heart were racing!I think Dr. Seuss was in my head, because  as my contact talked routes, all I heard was You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way!”, from one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!”

UnMinivan Moments Ford Transit Connect #Unminivan

But guys, this is so much more than just a road trip. This is a chance to embrace my weirdness. The Ford Transit Connect isn’t your average minivan. Its different. Its unique, like me.

Unminivan Moments Ford Transit Connect

An unminivan moment explained by Ford: Unminivan moments are places and events that reconnect people with America’s most unique attractions in a vehicle that’s every bit as different as the people, places and mysteries encountered along the way.

How’s this great adventure going to go down? On Wednesay, my co-pilot, Nicole Wakelin from, and I are meeting up in San Francisco.  We’re going to eat, sleep, and get a game plan.

Ford Transit Connect #Unminivan Moments

Seattle is our final destination, but we’re looking for the weird, wacky, and random places in between. Oh, and, Nicole has a thing for cupcakes, so we’re also looking for the best cupcakes along the route. This isn’t our first time in a car together, but I know this will be our wildest ride yet.

I’ve been on looking for the most ridiculous places to see. You know, things off the beaten path, like the Big Goofy Black Bird in Medford, Oregon, or the urban art sculptures in Sebastopol, California. Do you have a suggestion? Let us know where we should go to find oddball attractions. Or…want to challenge us to lip sync a song, re-enact a skit, tweet us your requests!

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