Ford & King Ranch Celebrate 15 Years #FordTX

2015 Ford King Ranch Expedition
Photo by Wyman Meinzer


2015 Ford King Ranch Expedition
Photo by Wyman Meinzer

This year Ford celebrates their 15 year Anniversary with King Ranch. How should one celebrate 15 years together? Well, if it was a marriage, according to Google the traditional gift is crystal, while the modern gift is a watch. Ford didn’t go the traditional or modern route, instead they chose to give the  Ford F-150, F-Series Super Duty and Expedition King Ranch® models a makeover! Bonus: they also brought in Texas state photographer Wyman Meinzer to capture the new look, in the beautiful King Ranch environment. Now, that’s a gift we can all appreciate!

2015 Ford Expedition King Ranch

I was one of the lucky guests to see the all new Ford F-150 King Ranch, F-350 Super Duty King Ranch, and Expedition King Ranch at Rodeo Houston last week. Ford invited a few bloggers and social media ninjas to meet Wyman Meinzer and two real cowboys that work on the King Ranch. Take a look at the video we watched:

The official state photographer of Texas, Wyman Meinzer, a cowboy himself that was raised on a Texas ranch, is one of the most laid back, passionate photographers I’ve ever met. We chatted briefly before his presentation and talked about the new King Ranch mesa brown leather interior. I’m in love with the new ruggedly handsome leather that showcases the brand’s running W, and Meinzer’s photos do a phenomenal job of showing the beauty of the vehicles and the ranch.

Wyman Meinzer Photographer

 “King Ranch is a legacy. It’s one of the best in Texas, if not America,” Meinzer said. “These Ford vehicles wear the King Ranch ‘Running W’ brand because they are proven to be legitimate and authentic, in the heritage of both Ford and the King Ranch.”

2015 Ford F150 King Ranch
Photo by Wyman Meinzer
Ford King Ranch interior
Photo by Wyman Meinzer

While the cowboys have returned to the ranch (I tried to convince them to stay!), all three of the 2015 Ford King Ranch vehicles, together for the first time, and Meinzer’s phenomenal collection of photos are on display at a special exhibit inside Reliant Center during the 2014 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, from March 4-23.

All of Wyman’s photos are outstanding works of art, and I’d love to frame a few and display them. The first photo in this post featuring the 2015 Ford Expedition with the deer skull is one of my favorites; but I am also obsessed with the picture featuring the boots, it shows the new King Ranch leather interior.

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