My Favorite Android Apps #VZWBuzz


I’ve never counted the number of times I stare at my smartphone throughout the day, and I don’t plan to start. My phone isn’t an extension of me, but more of a multi-purpose tool. I use it for phone calls and texts, for navigation, to capture that perfect photo, to pass the time when waiting in lines, and to keep myself entertained while on a long flight, and for so much more!

So many apps, so many uses, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite Android apps, or at least the ones that I’m currently using the most!

Instagram-This one’s a no brainer. I love taking photos with my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and then sharing them on Instagram. And when I’m stuck in traffic or waiting in line, I spend time browsing others photos and looking for inspiration for that next photo opportunity!

Snapseed– I LOVE using this app to edit and polish my photos before sharing them on Instagram. It’s easy and free. Plus it makes every photo look more professional!


Voxer– This was an app recommended by my friend Jasmine from Simply Real Moms. It can be used as a walkie talkie and allows me to send messages while driving, or working out with real time audio. Want to tell a story or share a joke and it must be heard, use Voxer!


Untappd-Love beer? Enjoy discovering new beers or want to know more about a beer before buying a six pack, Untappd is the app! Untappd is like foursquare for beer, you can check in the beer you are drinking and even choose to share where you’re drinking it. Plus, you can rate the beer and the app will share similar beers you may enjoy.

Favorite Android Apps Starbucks
Starbucks– I may or may not have a slight Starbucks problem. Okay, I definitely have a Starbucks problem. But I love using the app when I’m traveling to discover the closest Starbucks so I can fuel my coffee fix and add a new mug to my “You are Here” collection. Plus, now you can order online from the app.

Favorite Android Apps EbatesEbates– I don’t always shop online from my phone…but when I do, I use Ebates to earn cash back. Free. Easy. And fun to use. I often find something I like on sale, but then check through Ebates and realize I can order online, still get the sale price and earn anywhere from 2% to 10% cash back. CHA-CHING!

Hotel Tonight Favorite Android Apps

Hotel Tonight– I think this is the perfect app for the spontaneous person that says, I think I’ll take a last minute road trip. With Hotel Tonight you can find a last minute hotel room at a discounted rate. Choose your hotel from categories like luxe, hip, solid, or basic and book it in under a minute.

What are your favorite Android apps? Please leave me a comment with your favorites, so I can check them out!

Disclosure: As member of a pretty cool team of influencers, I receive some of the latest and greatest devices from Verizon. All opinions are based on my personal experiences.



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