Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Poop

Potty training wisdom from my son

Potty training wisdom from my son

Yes, you will find grammatical errors in this post. Feel free to contact the grammar Nazi.

Potty training. It shouldn’t be a shocker that potty training is a life skill one is not born with. I mean, I knew when I became a Mom that I’d cross that bridge at some point. What I didn’t know was how frustrating, entertaining, and how major a life event it would be. Oh and I wouldn’t have ever guessed I’d be writing about this, unless Pampers or Clorox paid for a sponsored post.

So, what the heck? Well my 3.5 year old is cracking me up, and I’m too amused to keep it to myself. I think he’s obsessed with poop, and his logic is hilarious. It seems he has created a poop color chart of sorts. Green poop means you need to rest. Brown poop is no big deal, no matter how big. Small poop is a must see, and he wants to save it in the toilet so that everyone in the family has a view of the “baby poop” in the potty. Seriously, he cried like a kid that has just learned three flakes of snow, still means there’s school tomorrow, when his big sister flushed away his “baby poop” before Daddy got home.

Then there’s snake poop , doesn’t matter what color but if its shaped like a snake, well…. And then, there’s “ballerina poop”, even as I type this I’m cracking up. No idea where this came from, but he’s decided red poop is called ballerina poop. Don’t panic. Yes, my kids sometimes have green poop, usually because we tricked them into eating a green veggie. Red poop, well that’s because a certain three year old inhaled a bowl of Jello without permission. 

All this talk about poop, I finally said, “Son, poop is disgusting”, as seriously as I could. His response, “Well, Mommy, yeah poop is sgustin sometimes.” Just sometimes?  Note to self: Must capture son on video explaining his poop color chart, because one day I might find it useful. Maniacal Muppet laugh…..



  1. Your title got me, very funny. Working at a children’s store we know all about potty training and parents who think that their child has passed on to diapers free. We have our stories you would not want to hear.

    Good luck to you!
    – Kelly


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