The Capital Grille CityCentre Made Me Cry

The Capital Grille City Centre

Thank you to The Capital Grille CityCentre for a mommy-daughter dinner we’ll never forget.

The Capital Grille City Centre

If I ask my daughter what she wants for dinner, her favorite response is “beans and rice.” Translation, Mexican food. We really don’t venture out too much when it comes to dining out with our kids. Not because we aren’t adventurous, but because I’m terrified of the potential meltdown in a fine dining restaurant, like The Capital Grille.

Now that she’s almost six, I figured she’s old enough to understand how to be on her best behavior. So, when The Capital Grille CityCentre invited us to dinner during our Mommy-daughter staycation, I let her decide. “Would you like to go have dinner at a fancy restaurant?”, I asked. Her face lit up, and she almost screamed a yes.

She ran to her room and picked out a dress. All week, she talked about how she couldn’t wait to get dressed up and go to dinner. Watching her excitement was incredible, but I was still apprehensive. Saturday evening rolled around, and it was time for our date. I was surprised when the hostess offered MC crayons, and she turned them down. She was in grown-up mode.

Our wonderful server Annabella, made fast friends with my introverted daughter, by offering her lemonade. Of course, I went with the Generous Pour wines, since we were staying right across the street at the Hotel Sorella. After ordering the tomato and mozzarella salad for MC, and lobster bisque for myself, I tried to make a conscious effort to be in the moment. Lately I work a lot, which means I’m often distracted when with the kids. They’re growing up so fast, and don’t get my undivided attention nearly enough.

Mozzarella Tomato Salad The Capital Grille

I laughed as MC scrunched up her nose, and asked about her salad. She thought the aged balsamic vinegar was chocolate, and wasn’t sure about the cheese. I don’t know if it was curiosity, hunger, or her adventurous spirit, but she accepted the challenge. If you like mozzarella cheese, this salad is a MUST. The Capital Grille makes their own mozzarella every 45 minutes.

My lobster bisque was delicious, and I was exploring how the white wines complemented the flavor. When I offered her a taste of my soup, I was surprised she liked it! Since MC was in an adventurous mood, and the evening was about food exploration, I asked Annabella for some of their crispy calamari. At first, I put a few rings of calamari on MC’s plate, and braced for an argument. They disappeared immediately, and she asked for more. I was so proud of her for boldly trying new things without putting up a fight. When I explained that calamari is actually octopus, I expected her to be grossed out. Not my girl, she continued to eat the calamari.

For our entree’ I gave MC complete freedom to order. Would you like steak, chicken or fish, I asked. She chose fish, so I ordered the seared citrus glazed salmon, and the Kona crusted dry aged sirloin for myself. Annabella insisted we try the lobster mac ‘n cheese, along with the creamed spinach, and au gratin potatoes. While the salmon had a delicious flavor, nothing can compare to the dry aged steak from The Capital Grille. One bite of the lobster mac’ n cheese, and we both made our entrees feel like a third wheel.

We were both full, so I have no idea how my daughter was talking about dessert. Of course, Annabella and Jeremiah wanted to make sure we’d tried all of their favorite dishes, dessert included.Watching my daughter experience new food, trying new dishes myself, and learning about new wines. I didn’t think the night could get any better!

When Jeremiah came out and asked MC if she’d like to help make her dessert, her night was made! We walked back into the kitchen, where Elsa guided MC through topping her chocolate cake.

Two things you don’t see in this video: the huge smile on my face and the tears of joy in my eyes. Sure the food was amazing, but the special attention our server and the manager gave my daughter, made our evening special. Our evening at The Capital Grille City Centre brought us closer, and inspired me to expose MC to new foods.

Did you know The Capital Grille CityCentre is open for lunch? I love that they serve quality food, but more importantly they understand the importance of exceptional service. Stop by before August 31 and enjoy their Generous Pour event, and try exclusive wines while also learning about each variety.



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