Curry Crawl Houston Competition At Straits Was Flavorful

Curry Crawl Competition Bunny Chow from Springbok
Bunny Chow from Springbok
Honey Glazed Kimchi Curry Chicken Salad
Honey Glazed Kimchi Curry Chicken Salad from Chilantro

I received complimentary tickets to the Curry Crawl Competition in exchange for sharing the event. All opinions are based on my personal experience, really, just ask my taste-buds.

I don’t cook, but I do appreciate good food. Funny thing is though, that over 90% of the time I tend to order within my comfort zone, which translates to boring. Really, if my taste-buds could talk, I’m sure they would complain they’re dying of boredom. But then there’s 10% of the time, like yesterday at the 3rd Annual Curry Crawl Competition, when I throw my mouth a party! Really, I threw caution to the wind, and tasted every dish served at the event.

Curry Crawl Competition Bunny Chow from Springbok
Bunny Chow from Springbok

It was shocking how much I enjoyed dishes I would normally never order. Yes, never, I would never order a dish called “Bunny Chow”  at a South African restaurant. It sounds scary, but the presentation, and the guys with their accents, convinced me to give it a go! Layers of flavor and different texture from bananas, mango, and bone marrow, packed into bread! Delicious, and I look forward to seeing more of what Springbok has to offer when they open in downtown Houston this summer.

Curry Crawl Houston Coffee Brisket with Tumeric Rice
Coffee Brisket with Tumeric Rice

The range of dishes and flavors was incredible, and with each dish we tasted, I kept thinking, how in the world do I choose a favorite? Grilled cheese made with Gouda, curry butter, and topped with cinnamon apple jam from The Golden Grill, puts all other grilled cheese sandwiches to shame! And, I’m not alone in my opinion, since they won the 3rd Annual Curry Crawl Competition!

Curry Crawl Competition Grilled Cheese Golden Grill Food Truck
Curry Crawl Competition Winner Gouda Grilled Cheese Golden Grill Food Truck

People’s Choice Award winner went to Trenza, featuring my favorite dish at the event. And, seriously, you have no idea how tough it was to choose a favorite. Chef Susie Jimenez really impressed with her spicy lamb vindaloo tostada, topped with a fennel cabbage slaw. I almost skipped trying this dish, because I’m not a fan of lamb. That would have been a big loss for me, and my taste-buds, because Jimenez found a way to meld together a combination of flavors with cooking methods to make an AH-mazing dish. As we left her booth, my friend and I, were already planning a way to visit her restaurant Trenza to sample more of her creations.


Peoples Choice Winner Curry Crawl Competition Trenza Lamb Vindaloo Tostada
Trenza Lamb Vindaloo Tostada

I enjoyed this event even more than I could have imagined. It’s nice to experience food adventures, and discover new dishes and flavors. From the restaurants, to food trucks, everything was amazing, and I look forward to eating at each of them in the near future. Actually, I could totally go for a sandwhich with the honey glazed kimchi, and chicken curry salad from Chi’Lantro BBQ Food truck, right now!





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