Crown Royal Single Barrel Whisky Exclusive To Texas

Crown Royal Single Barrel Whisky Exclusive to Texas

Crown Royal Single Barrel Whisky Exclusive to Texas

As if you needed another reason to visit Texas, Crown Royal may have just given you the best reason yet. The 75 year old distillery is breaking barrels so to speak, as they become the first major┬áCanadian whisky distillery to release a single barrel whisky. But, before you stop reading, and race out to your nearest liquor store, there’s something you need to know.

Crown Royal blessed Texas with all of their Crown Royal Single Barrel Whisky. Then, they took it one step further by only selling it to retailers that bought an entire barrel. Anyone else thinking collector’s item? If you love whisky as much as I do, then you’re in love with the idea of a single barrel whisky from Crown Royal. Instead of their classic blend of 50 whiskies, the single barrel bottle features┬áthe unique Coffey Rye whisky that Crown Royal’s dynasty is built on.

Crown Royal Single Barrel

From Crown Royal’s Masters of Whisky:

Nose: The aromas are rich and robust on the nose with slight hints of vanilla and fruit.

Taste: An exceptionally smooth blend balanced by creamy and fruity notes of banana and rich oak undertones from maturing in new American wood resulting in a long lasting and expansive finish. The liquid is made up of 64% corn, 31.5% rye, and 4.5 % malted barley.

Unique Look and Feel: Crown Royal Single Barrel Whisky is encased in a hand-sealed and personalized cream-colored carton. The elegant bottle is embossed with beautiful detail and is enclosed in a plush gold bag displaying a regal crown stitched in purple thread with gold roping. Each bottle produced from the barrel liquid will feature a personalized medallion denoting the retail location to commemorate the purchase.

At only $55 for a 750 ml bottle of the Crown Royal Single Barrel Whisky, this makes a great gift for the Valentine in your life. Oh, and I do mean for the men or women in your lives, remember guys, ladies enjoy fine whisky too.

Crown Royal reminds its consumers to please drink responsibly.



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