Rolling Like A VIP At The Crown Royal Rodeo Suite #ReignOn

Crown Royal Rodeo Lunch


Imagine this, you’re sitting in bed scrolling through Pinterest, checking e-mails, and editing photos when your Facebook messenger pings with a friend offering you the chance to go to the Final Night of the Houston Rodeo as a guest of Crown Royal, have dinner, and end the night in the Crown Royal Rodeo Suite watching the Crown Royal Shoot Out and The Zac Brown Band.

Did you just trip over the word yes? Because if you did, you’re me.

This internet thing, it’s pretty cool.

Kristin is apparently the busiest woman in Houston and everyone wants to work with her, so she had to go out of town and it was lucky for my husband and I that she’s so fabulous, because we got to go eat crazy ridiculous food, taste some drinks we wouldn’t have tried otherwise, and we got to watch Mutton’ Bustin’ {cutest thing EVER} and watch The Zac Brown Band from a plush suite, and now we will never be able to do the rodeo any other way. Kristin, your life rocks.

This is how we would always like to go out to eat, being greeted at the door with a delicious drink that’s both brunch-worthy and afternoon cocktail-worthy:

Crown Royal Maple and Orange Juice

Once you have said delicious drink in hand, you turn to see a beautifully laid table, laden with mouth-watering treats just begging to be devoured

Crown Royal Rodeo Lunch

and it just keeps coming.

crabcake stuffed shrimp at pappadeauxs

Not only was there delicious food and all kinds of knowledge about Crown, the history of Crown Royal, the way that it’s created… crafted is probably a better word, and the passion behind the crafting of each barrel of whiskey, but there were some pretty phenomenal local bartenders who each created a drink with different Crown whiskeys and they presented them in their own unique way.

a tray of crown

At this point, the night could have ended and I still would have been impressed with what I had tasted and learned, the people that we had met, the southern hospitality shown, and possibly the fact that the restaurant was next to a boot store and my husband bought me a new pair of boots, but the night didn’t end there.

We dashed through rain, posed for pictures in front of the famed bull statues, counted heads, traversed the rodeo crowds, and made our way to the suites where upon we chatted, laughed, photo-bombed, snacked, tasted, and were mesmerized by the roar of the crowds, the waves of enthusiasm rolling through the stadium, the passion, the strength, the power, and the sheer bad ass-edness that is the final night of the Houston Rodeo.

Crown Royal Rodeo 

2014 houston rodeo mutton busting


Houston Rodeo Clowns


houston rodeo rider


Zac Brown Band at The Houston Rodeo


Hey Kristin, I’m available to fill in anytime 😉

Thank you to Crown Royal, Glazers, and RodeoHouston – it was a truly unforgettable night.

A huge thank you to Rachel from A Southern Fairytale for covering this event for me! Be sure and check out her site for some mouth watering recipes!



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