Crown Royal Regal Apple Cocktail Recipes #CrownApple

Crown Royal Regal Apple

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Crown Royal Regal Apple

Did you hear about the new member of the “Royal” family? No, I’m not talking about Kate and William’s baby news. Crown Royal has unveiled the newest member of their royal family, Crown Royal Regal Apple. The newest whisky on the block, er shelf, is a result of combining combination the renowned taste of Crown Royal whisky, and infusing it with natural apple flavors.

My friends at Crown Royal sent me a bottle of Crown Royal Regal Apple, so I could toast the tip off of the NBA season. It’s smooth. I kind of think it tastes like someone dropped a sour apple Jolly Rancher in a bottle of Crown Royal. Yet it’s balanced without the apple being too sweet or overbearing.

Grab yourself a bottle of Crown Royal Regal Apple. Place in freezer for safe keeping. Check out these tasty Crown Royal Regal Apple Drink Recipes! And pin them for your friends and family!

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Crown Royal Regal Apple Big Apple

Crown Royal Regal Apple Tasting Notes:

An exceptionally smooth blend that opens up with a slightly tart, crisp, apple flavor balanced with signature Crown Royal whisky with notes of caramel and light spice. The blend finishes on a crisp apple note with balanced sweetness, culminating in a full-bodied smooth finish.

Crown Royal and In Deep H2O encourage you to drink responsibly.


  1. I know it sounds dumb but Crown Apple and just apple juice is amazing. Also try Cran-strawberry it is beyond phenomenal. Cheers!

  2. i have never been a crown royal man but i tryed the crown apple and now thats all i drink i mix it with sprite or rockstare pina calada and i cant say how good it is in words i run a store in nd and i have it on hand and cant keep it in stock this stuff rocks

  3. I usually don’t drink brown liquor. But my friend had me to try this crown royal apple… I think I’m in love. OMG this drink is delicious all by itself. I think I found my new drink.

  4. Crown Royal Regal Apple with original Monster Energy drink is awesome! You can also blend in some Canada Dry Ginger ale to suit your taste


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