Crowd Pleasing Chili’s At Home Frozen Meals

Chili's at Home Pepper Jack Mac n Cheese

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Bacon Mac n Cheese

The sun is setting on our day, and I’m waiting for the three most dreaded words. “What’s for dinner?” This is the part of the day when the family experiences delusions. Yes, delusions. They suddenly think we’re at Chili’s and I’m there to take orders. My daughter either wants spaghetti or beans and rice, while my son is stuck in that 4 year old phase of chicken nuggets/hot dog/macaroni and cheese. You know the phase, the one where if I serve anything outside of those three options, he boycotts the meal and tries to break the Guinness record of world’s longest tantrum.

Yes, I want to be June Cleaver at dinnertime. I’d love to make biscuits from scratch. Spend the evening chopping, and whisking. Brining, frying, baking, and making meals our kids brag about to anyone that listens. But let’s be real. I’ve never brined anything in my life, and well at this point, it’s not high on my list of things to learn. With busy schedules, evening events, and energy that declines as fast as a smartphone streaming video, quick and easy is key.

Chili's Frozen Meals

When I say quick, I don’t mean 15 minutes of prep time, followed by 45 minutes of cook time. No, because I’ve learned that also equals an hour in the grocery store, and a half hour of washing dishes. Quick in my world equals easy and convenient. Like speed dialing the pizza place or hitting the drive-thru line. Or, popping a Chili’s at Home entree into the microwave. Best part of the new, bold Chili’s at Home dishes, I can serve them on a plate or in a bowl, and no one has to know I didn’t whip it up myself.

Chili's at Home Pepper Jack Mac n Cheese


The new line of Chili’s® frozen foods is inspired by some of the restaurant’s most popular and innovative dishes. Enjoy the bold, southwestern flavors and same great taste for which Chili’s® is known, with entrées like Pepper Jack Mac ‘N’ Cheese and Chicken Fajita Rice Bowl.

Chili's at Home Frozen Meals

I found our Chili’s at Home entrées at Kroger, but they can also be found at Walmart, Safeway, Food Lion, H-E-B, Meijer, Giant Eagle, Schnucks and other. Plus, I scored mine on sale. Visit Chili’s at Home to see all the available frozen meals, and get a $1.00 coupon.




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