What Makes Chase Field A Unique Ballpark?


Chase Field

What would make a baseball fan and water fanatic even more excited about watching a live game? Watching a major league baseball game from a seat in the Chase Field swimming pool! A few weeks ago, I visited Phoenix, AZ for the first time. Top of my list of “things to do in Phoenix”, see the Arizona Diamondbacks play a game at Chase Field. Of course, they weren’t playing at home, so I had to settle for a tour of the ballpark.

Diamondbacks World Series Trophy
Arizona Diamondbacks 2001 World Series Trophy and Ring

Yes, settle, I was disappointed. Last month when I discovered the Chase Field swimming pool, I immediately added watching a live MLB game while swimming to my bucket list. No game, meant no chance of that happening this trip. When our tour started, our guide Bob wasn’t very amused when I told him I was just there to see the Ram Trucks pool. I let him think I was joking, and Jasmine, and I walked, and listened as he rattled off random facts about the Diamondbacks stadium.

Chase Field Roof Open

And then, a funny thing happened, I realized Chase Field is a very unique ballpark. Besides the fact that it’s one of only too MLB ballparks with a swimming pool, it has a lot of other cool features. Things I definitely wouldn’t have noticed without taking the 90 minute tour.

Chase Field Swimming Pool

  • Chase Field Swimming Pool was the first pool in a MLB ballpark
  • Retractable roof operates on a pulley system and can open or close in 4 minutes
  • Suites in the Dugout, you can sit next to the Diamondbacks dugout and see and hear all the action between coaches and players
  • Any fan that catches a D-backs’ home run ball can request to have the ball autographed by the player who hit it, guest services will take care of it and mail the ball to the fan
  • One of 2 ballparks to have a dirt path from home plate to the pitcher’s mound, sometimes called the keyhole (Comerica Park is the other ballpark)
  • Beer prices are some of the lowest in MLB

Chase Field Suites

 Fun Facts About The Chase Field Swimming Pool

  •  The Ram Trucks pool is a suite and must be reserved.
  • $3500 for the suite covers 35 guests, a lifeguard, food & drinks
  • All guests receive a beach towel unique to the suite, it can’t be bought anywhere else
  • Pool opens two hours before first pitch and there’s a private changing area
  • Mark Grace with the Chicago Cubs hit the first homer into the Chase Field pool (Grace played for the Diamondbacks later in his career)

Chase Field Pool

Want to learn about other unique ballpark features? Check out Ballpark Quirks on Sports Illustrated’s The Strike Zone.




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