Celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day With A #CaptainAndColaaarr

Captain and Colaaarr Talk Like A Pirate Day

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Captain and Colaaarr Talk Like A Pirate Day

I hate my voice. HATE it. It’s deep, and I often sound like Darth Vader. I guess you could say my voice is “All about That Bass”. Especially right now, since I have the scurvy (a sinus infection). But, maybe my deep voice will come in handy on, Talk Like a Pirate Day (TLAPD). That’s right mateys, today isn’t an ordinary Friday.

Put on your eyepatch, polish your pegleg, and shine yer hooks! Before you celebrate with my favorite Captain, the legendary Captain Morgan, you’ve been challenged by the big guy himself! Captain Morgan Rum has issued a challenge to all land lubbers (21 and up) across the US to channel their inner buccaneer, and talk like a pirate for the day. With Captain & Colaaarr as the ‘official cocktail’ of TLAPD, for everyone that talks like a pirate and uses the #CaptainandColaaarr and #TLAPD hashtags on social media, they will donate $1 to City Harvest or Purple Heart Homes.

The fun folks at Captain Morgan don’t take themselves too seriously, so who better to partner with, than Fox Sports NFL reporter Jay Glazer. Jay might not be a pirate, but if you follow him on Twitter, you know he has a salty mouth. He might take sports seriously, but knows how to be silly! It’s not all fun and games, Jay’s in it to raise some serious doubloons. Because, for every TV/Radio personality that talks like a pirate on air, Captain Morgan will donate $1,000 to charity on his/her behalf!

So grab yer bottle of Captain Morgan rum, fill a glass wit’ ice, then pour in yer Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum (1.5 oz). Top ‘er off wit’ yer colaaarr (5 oz). Then kick back and watch one of my top 10 favorite pirate movies to get ye in the spirit!

Captain & Colaaarr Captain Morgan

Top 10 Favorite Pirate Movies for Talk Like A Pirate Day

  1. Hook
  2. The Goonies
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl
  4. The Princess Bride
  5. Swiss Family Robinson
  6. Treasure Island
  7. Peter Pan
  8. Pirates of Penzance
  9. Captain Blood
  10. Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End

Captain and Colaaarr Talk Like A Pirate Day

Arghhhh, so whether you crash a happy hour with yer scurvy dogs or tailgate with yer mateys before the game, Captain Morgan Rum reminds you to raise a glass of Captain & Colaaarr – always in moderation!



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