Capturing Water Adventures With My Underwater Camera

underwater camera pictures

underwater camera action show

Last summer all I wanted for my birthday, was to spend an entire day in the H2O! Not just any water, I wanted to spend the day at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels, from open to close! No gifts. No cake. No party. Uh, yeah, not that we ever have cake, a party or gifts. Just one of those problems with being a grown-up.

Excited about our trip, I caved and bought an underwater camera, a present for myself. Here’s how I justified it, we spend a ton of time in the water; its our first time away from the kids; and I wanted a new gadget. But, when I started looking for the perfect camera, I read lots of disappointing underwater camera reviews.

Underwater Camera Reviews Need Pictures 



Confused, and wanting a camera pronto for our trip, I went to Costco and bought the Nikon CoolPix AW 100Ever since that day, I’ve been snapping photos in the water parks, in the pool, and everywhere in between. I love the pictures it takes, in and out of the water, and the HD 1080p video is a great feature.

My 3 Year Old Boogie Boards For The First Time-Underwater Camera Video


My camera has ridden the Master Blaster at Schlitterbahn, and taken video of our ride. Its been underwater in the wave pool at Aquatica San Antonio, and in our friend’s pool. Shock-proof, freeze-proof (in TX not sure that will ever be an issue for us), and waterproof down to 33 feet, I feel confident taking it anywhere.



The look on HP’s face as he comes down the slide, is priceless!

My favorite part, is that the photos make me look like an awesome photographer, while capturing some great memories! The only con, sometimes water gets on the lens, and makes the photo cloudy in spots.  See the top photo? My feet aren’t smoking, that’s water on the lens!


I’m constantly amazed by the way the photos show so much detail and definition, see the water droplets on the slide?

underwater camera

You can have so much fun with reflections on and under the water!


Our neighbor’s dog, a great pyrenees, beats the Houston heat by swimming. He looks like he’s giving a high five in this photo!

Choosing photos to share with you that really showcase how awesome the camera is, was difficult. So here are a few more!

Underwater Camera Pictures

Underwater camera photos

You can read more underwater camera reviews on Amazon, or check out what Colleen from San Antonio Mom Blogs had to say about her new camera!

This post was not sponsored, but does contain an Amazon affiliate link. All opinions are my own.


  1. we have a panasonic lumix waterproof camera that we love and take with us on all water-fun activities.
    its good to know though that there is another camera that takes just as good photos in and out of the water


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