Canary Home Security System Is DIY Peace Of Mind



This is going to sound super strange coming from a Mom of two, but I’ve never really lived alone. My entire life I’ve either lived with family, a roommate, or my spouse. Yes, I’ve been home alone. I say alone, but at the very least I always had a dog with me. Okay, the reality of it is, I am a big scaredy cat, and every bump, creak, or strange noise I hear, freaks me out.

Last night I slept at a friend’s house where I was house/dog sitting, and decided to test the Canary Home Security System. Everything I needed to set up the system was inside the box, and once I downloaded the Canary app, it walked me through set-up in less than ten minutes. I loved being able to get it up and running without using any tools, or the hassle of installing a camera.

So, what is included in the Canary Home Security System? A compact, stylish device with a camera that records in full 1080p and includes night vision, motion sensor technology, a microphone, an alarm siren (90db), thermometer, humidity sensor, and an air quality sensor. With the app, you can control the camera to pan, zoom, tilt, etc. to get a better look at whatever your monitoring. For me, that means instead of obsessing about that strange noise, I can just pull up the video.

Being able to access video and monitor the camera gives me peace of mind when I’m home, but also when I’m traveling. I can be thousands of miles away, while the kids and husband are home, and receive notifications on my phone when anything out of the ordinary occurs. No contracts to deal with, and the longer I use the system the smarter it becomes. For example, I don’t have to remember to arm or disarm the system. When the Canary Home Security System senses my phone outside the geofence area, it automatically starts monitoring my house.

I like the versatility of the Canary, and it’s ease of use. This is the perfect system for monitoring your pets, or keeping an eye on that elderly relative. Some systems only record action, but the Canary Home Security System records audio too. With the audio component, concerned parents could monitor their teenagers if needed. I think my favorite part of the Canary system, is that I can move it between my home, and wherever I’m housesitting without an issue.

If you want to learn more about the Canary Home Security System, or find out if you need more than one, visit, or stop by your local Verizon store.

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  1. Kris thanks for the writeup, I found the part about geofencing interesting. My concern is that the camera would arm with my husband home every time I left. Is there a way to connect two phones with the Canary app? TIA!

  2. I really like the product’s simplicity. If this system is perfect for monitoring of pets and elders, how firm it is when it comes to securing the whole area from burglars?


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