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The kids started school for the first time EVER last week. They’ve never gone to preschool or Mother’s Day Out. And with the start of their school careers, came a lot of tough decisions. The hubs wanted them to ride the school bus. I wanted to drive them. I mean, come on, it’s less than a 5 minute drive from our house. Besides, a little part of me feels like taking the kids to school, and picking them up, is “my job”.

We met the teacher a week before school started, and picked up five pounds of paperwork. Buried in that pile was our tag. The magic ticket of sorts, that allows the driver to pick up your kids. Meanwhile, the neighbors, our friends, and my naysayer hubby all whispered..Wait until she sees the drop off and pick up line. She’ll never last, they said. I’ve survived the first two weeks, and I feel victorious!

Hunter Seat Buckle Up For LifeNot because I made it two weeks, with no plans to put the kids on the bus, but because of the quality time I’ve had with the kids. Yes, I said “quality time”, in a five minute drive. My daughter was suffering from allergies last week, and I was torn on whether to send her or keep her home. Normally, her Dad drops her off in the mornings, while her younger brother and I sleep in. Stop judging me… anyway, this time my 4 year old and I, dragged our half asleep bodies out of bed. In our not so stylish pajamas, we buckled up, and headed to school with MC.

Mc Buckle Up For Life

Then, from the backseat, I hear this: “are you feeling better sheshe?” MC says yes, she feels better, and then tells her little brother: “I love you so much butters. When I get home, we’ll play together, and I’ll give you a big hug and kiss.” Did your heart just melt a little? That completely spontaneous moment was priceless. Later that day when I picked the kids up from school, I told them to switch car seats so we wouldn’t hold up the line. Bickering ensued as if the kids were auditioning for a role in a made for television drama. I gripped the wheel tighter, and sang “Let it Go” in my head, and thanked God for a five minute drive home. They’re only little for a little while, and hopefully, we’ll have more precious moments in the backseat than bicker fests.

Check out our first day of school precious moments:

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  1. Taking our first family vacation was a memorable moment because my son talked to us the whole way there and the whole way back. He is quite the little entertainer.

  2. My precious moments with the kids in the backseat involve usually there sing a long cd’s. We love to sing together in the car, it’s always fun and gets silly.

  3. All my children are grown. I find at times in my car, my eyes automatically are drawn to the rear view mirror. memories of my children in the back seat, eating snacks and singing songs on the radio. Years later, I am now blessed to be a nana. Mason, my grandbaby often rides with me on weekends. One of my favorite memories is Mason in the back seat while a local Christian radio station is on, with his little hands up praising God and listening to casting crowns. These are memories that will always live in my memory.

  4. We were in a nomadic period of our family’s life, spending a LOT of time in the car – it was like our home. My husband was driving around a particularly curvy part of road in the mountains. My sweet son grabbed his stomach and said, “I’m homesick!” (meaning carsick from the driving).
    we laughed so hard everyone’s tummies hurt

  5. LAst year while on a road trip from UT to CA I think I invented new songs and new games to entertain my 12 months old. She was teething, irritated and sleepy at the same time! Mom was there to calm her down!!

  6. Two words. Singing and Dancing. Each morning, I load my kids in the car and head to drop them off at pre-school with all 3 of us not quite sure we are ready to face the world. It’s still dark some times and we have to put on our smile, wake our brains and get moving. Best way? Singing and Dancing. On our slower mornings when we are not ready to get out of the car, we sit in the parking lot as school… crank up our favorite music. Sing at the top of our lungs and dance. This is our precious moment that we get to share very often. Try it… it works 🙂

  7. When picking up my kindergartener after school and her little brother squeals “Fifi! I love you! I MISSED you!” That melts my heart.

  8. Sometimes, when my baby boy gets fussy in the back seat, my sweet 2 year old will reach over and touch him and tell him it’s OK. Cutest thing ever.

  9. The most precious moment was driving him in the car for the first time. I definitely felt like I was driving the most precious cargo ever and I was terrified of any kind of accident.

  10. we have driven from NH to FL each yr for vacation for the past 3 years, every year is different and special this past year was the first year with 3 kids and I would not trade a minute of their laughs, they barely even cried

  11. My sweet girl who is almost 10 months old, shakes her head “no, no, no” and giggles no stop until I look back at her. It is the cutest thing and I will always treasure these sweet moments with her! She’s outgrowing her infant seat now, so that you for this opportunity.


  12. My most memorable moment with my kiddo in the carseat is bringing her home from the NICU. It was a long journey from birth to release from the hospital. It was also a very very long 5 minute drive home!! I was so nervous!

  13. My son is always sweet. I remember when he was about 11 months we were driving to visit family and he started saying the word Wow over and over again. It was his first word.

  14. A precious moment with my granddaughter in the back sit, is when I hear her softly singing a song she has learned from the radio, and then she will say mamaw it’s your turn, so you start to sing it, and then she will say stop mamaw it’s Kylie’s turn….and we go back and forth singing like this, absolutely priceless


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