Blake Griffin Dunks Top 10 NBA #ReignOn Plays of the Week

Crown Royal Reign On

Crown Royal Reign On

Back in the day, I played basketball. And I was serious about it, so serious, that I would do suicide squats at home without the coach barking at me. No matter how hard I pushed myself, or how much I tried, I was never able to slam dunk the ball. I could blame it on my height of 5’5″, but that doesn’t explain Spud Webb. Point is, watching the Crown Royal Top 10 NBA Reign On Plays of the Week, these guys make everything look easy! The #1 play of the week, Blake Griffin dunks like he was born with wings! Love the nickname “The Flying Lion.”

Epic plays in this week’s Crown Royal Presents Top 10 NBA Reign On Plays of the Week, include Lebron James being robbed of the ball by Jimmy Butler in a dope defensive move; an unbelievable shot by LaMarcus Aldredge; crazy combo by the Milwaukee Bucks, and more. All ten plays show how much fun the pros are having in the NBA, but I could watch Blake Griffin dunks all day long!

Now, here’s to hoping the Rockets can get back into the action this week, put up some wins against the Jazz, Timberwolves, and Cavs. With six games left in March, its time to get on the same page and get it done on the hardwoods.

What’s your favorite play of this week’s top 10?




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