Art Meets Food At Garage Bar Louisville

Garage Bar Louisville tshirts

Garage Bar Louisville on Market

After a long day of driving the 2015 Chrysler 200 through the Kentucky countryside, what better place to have dinner than Garage Bar Louisville? This hip restaurant located in East Market, or NULU, is a converted service station. Hungry and more importantly, ready for a cocktail, we walked past the two full sized cars out front that are slowly advanced into each other simulating a head on collision. (Slow Inevitable Death of American Muscle by Jonathan Schipper)

Garage Bar Louisville tshirts

It was cold and windy outside, as we entered the open garage doors. I thought I was ready to order a drink, but the boiled peanuts on the bar were calling my name. As soon as I  grabbed a handful, a few friends asked “what are those?” My first thought, a taste of home, these I said are a southern delicacy. And, they go great with ice cold beer, but since we were in bourbon country, the bartender talked me into trying a District 8. A light and refreshing cocktail made with bourbon, tonic, orange and lemon juices. Both their beer and bourbon selections are extensive. Beer drinkers should try the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, and bourbon drinkers should order the Eagle Rare 17 year old bourbon whiskey.

Garage Bar Louisville on Market Street

I wandered around the restaurant, while enjoying baked oysters with spinach and cheese. From the public school chairs, glass bottles, t-shirts packaged in oil cans, and young staff, Garage on Market has a very hipster vibe. I really liked the atmosphere, but had my doubts about pizza with broccoli. My doubts disappeared, along with the pizza. (before I could snap a picture) Maybe it was the naturally leavened, hand kneaded dough, or the flavor from the wood-fired Ferrara oven, but the pie was the perfect balance of texture and flavor.

Garage Bar Tomato Salad

You can definitely taste the freshness in everything the Garage Bar serves from salads to pizza, it’s farm to table fresh. Garage Bar’s menu changes with the season as they source local ingredients.  If you swing by and the weather is nice, pull up a seat on the outside patio. Have some boiled peanuts for me, and make sure to order a pizza.

Check out Garage Bar on Facebook for special events and hours, or see their menu at Garage on Market.


  1. Great post. I loved that Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, still learning the Bourbon alone! Had quite a bit in Vegas last weekend, I’m foggy on the details though!


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