Giveaway: AirBac Layer Backpack This Bag’s Got My Back

Airbac Layer Backpack

Airbac Layer Backpack

Remember the time I went sightseeing in downtown Chicago with a loaded backpack strapped to my back? I walked for miles in cowboy boots, carrying a thirty pound bag with my laptop, DSLR, tablet, and other gear weighing me down. I know, I know, not my best idea. Recently, knowing my summer was packed with travel, I started searching for a better way to lug around all of my crap…I mean, expensive blogger gear.

A friend asked if I was familiar with Airbac backpacks. An air what, I asked? “Airbac. They make laptop bags and I have friends that rave about how great they are,” he said. So, I hopped online, and checked out the Airbac website. Intrigued, I reached out to the rep, and told him the size of my laptop, and how challenging it was to find a pack that could accommodate my laptop, DSLR, and accessories.

We’ve got the perfect bag he said, and BOOM, he shipped me the AIRBAC Layer backpack. My new backpack easily accommodates my 17 inch laptop, and has been put to the test over the last three months. Together, we’ve flown on planes to Detroit, Montgomery, and Indianapolis. We took a road-trip to San Antonio for AdventureCon14, and made numerous Starbucks appearances. It’s been lugged around, stowed under airplane seats, and dropped by my kids on more than one occasion.

Airbac Backpack Review

Three months of use and abuse and the bag is definitely durable. I was surprised to see it fit under my plane seat, even while fully loaded with my laptop, my DSLR, a book, souvenirs, and more. It was a close fit, but I didn’t have to deflate the air bladder to make it work. I’m impressed by the protection the bag offers both my laptop and camera. With frequent travel, my bag is often knocked around, sometimes dropped, etc. and this bag literally “has my back” in terms of keeping my gear safe.

Airbac Features

Where was the AIRBAC backpack when I was in school carrying bricks disguised as textbooks?  Instead of inventing a solution (face palm), I just complained about how my heavy backpack. In 2005, after watching kids struggling with their heavy school backpacks, AIRBAC’s inventor created a solution. His first bag was a regular book bag that he modified with a blood pressure device.

So, what makes it easier on the back even when fully loaded: an air bladder in the back of the bag  that when inflated with air, lifts up the bag to relieve the pressure and weight off the spine. Watch this video from Airbac to see how the air support system works to evenly distribute the weight.

Each year there are over 7,300 backpack-related injuries treated by hospitals and doctors, according to the  U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Tips to Prevent Back Pain From Your Backpack

  • Find a pack with a padded back for comfort and to relieve pressure
  • Padded straps and multiple compartments help distribute the weight and provide easy access
  • Use the chest belt to shift the weight of the backpack from shoulders to your hips

By the way, as cheer season is kicking into high gear, AIRBAC has also introduced their new line of cheer bags. My best friend’s daughter cheers competitively, and I was shocked by the amount of gear she carries to practice and competition. When I showed her the AIRBAC “Bling Bag” for cheer, she squealed, pointed and yelled “I want that one!”

Check out the AIRBAC Facebook page for packing tips and information on new products.

The fun folks at AIRBAC want to help you get ready for back to school by offering you a chance to win the bag of your choice. Go enter. Tell your friends, and good luck!



Thank you Airbac for providing me with a backpack to facilitate this review. All opinions are mine.



  1. I love the Uptown in Black!!!!!! IT is perfect for travel (which I do a lot because my family lives more than 3,000 miles away). I absolutely like the inside print! I love everything about this one really!


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