#AdventureCon14 The Perfect Combination Of Fun & Learning

AdventureCon 14 Group Photo

AdventureCon 2014 Group Photo

My tickets to AdventureCon were complimentary as a 2014 SeaWorld Wildside Blogger. All thoughts, experiences and opinions are genius, I mean….my own.

Last year was my first AdventureCon, and my very first blogger conference. I had no idea what to expect. I went in feeling anxious, and a little intimidated by all the awesome bloggers. At first, I felt out of place, it seemed most of the bloggers knew each other, and were close friends. That quickly changed and it wasn’t long before I recognized the beauty of this conference. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been blogging, whether you’re a big blog or the smallest blog on the block, you are welcomed like an old friend you haven’t seen in years.

When the conference ended last year, my world was changed. My mind was blown. I left with amazing new friends, knowledge that was priceless, and incredible quality time with my family in SeaWorld and Aquatica. Empowered. Inspired. I was on a mission to be a better blogger and to know my worth. Several weeks after the conference, I made a difficult decision. I left the comfort zone of writing for an established blog and launched InDeepH2O.com.

I love AdventureCon more than any other conference I have ever attended. Instead of leaving with 100s of business cards of brands I will never hear from or work with, I leave with information I can use, friendships that will last, and water logged feet. When you surround yourself with amazing people you feel invincible and loved, and that’s how I feel both during and after the conference….and EXHAUSTED!

Stacy Kids Stuff World

Stacy my friend from Kids Stuff World A Pinterest and Flipboard Guru

One year after my first AdventureCon, and wow have things changed. I’ve grown. My blog has grown, and I’m a member of the elite SeaWorld Wildside blogger team. With #AdventureCon14 in the books, one thing is crystal clear: Kami at Zoetica Media  and Julie Pippert, picked up the gauntlet, upped their game, and produced another 2 days of outstanding content.

Remember the time, I hijacked Fran Stephenson’s presentation and was an AdventureCon 2014 speaker?

AdventureCon is different from most blogging conferences in so many ways. You really can’t go wrong with a conference that combines learning, with the fun of SeaWorld San Antonio & Aquatica!

American Bald Eagle at SeaWorld San Antonio AdventureCon 2014

Instead of just sitting in sessions, our time is the perfect blend of listening to speakers, exploring the park with behind the scenes experiences, and experiencing the attractions with our families.

AdventureCon14 Aquatica

I could go on for days about what I learned, but Colleen from San Antonio Mom Blogs has the perfect recap with tips and tools. Also, check out first time attendees Texas Weekends Count and their AdventureCon 2014 takeaways.

Personally, AdventureCon 2014 was about pushing my personal limits. After listening to Randy Escamilla, from News 4 San Antonio, share “how to think like a reporter”, I knew I wanted to learn more from him. So, I pushed aside my fear, and asked “Would you be open to a blogger, as in me, spending the day observing you at work?”and, guess what, he said yes!  I can’t wait to spend the day watching him in action, and share my experience with you! By the way, normally, I wouldn’t have had the courage to ask, but AdventureCon is so intimate and supportive, it’s the perfect environment to be yourself.

For me, I think the most important take away from this year and last: Be a better version of yourself!

Stay tuned for my post with details about our family time together in SeaWorld and Aquatica. Oh, and, by the way, all photos were taken with my Nikon Coolpix AW 100 underwater camera. (except for the group shot)




    • Your post was so awesome, that I had no idea what to write. I really didn’t feel like I got to spend much time visiting with you, so yes, I am working to plan a SA road trip. Hopefully, we’ll see you at the August 15 event!

  1. When you applied for Wildside this year and I checked your numbers, I was blown away by how quickly you became a real contender. You are my example when I hear people complain they can’t break out f the crowd because they didn’t have an early advantage. That is all excuses. Add to talent your sparkling personality and you have a real winning combination. Be careful, it may indeed be YOU speaking next year about how to build a world-class blog and business in ONE year. 🙂
    Kami Huyse recently posted…Lessons from AdventureCon14: Creating Content and Building RelationshipsMy Profile


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