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Kristin Barclay

Professional- Kristin Barclay is the owner of Prior to launching her own website she was a contributor for 2+ years, editor, content manager and social media consultant for other blogs. Her content has been published on numerous sites including She Buys Cars; ¬†Fandango Family Room Blog; Simply Real Moms; Huffington Post and others. Kristin has a Bachelor’s Degree from University of South Carolina in Advertising, and graduated Magna Cum Laude. She has over 10 years management experience and three years of experiential marketing experience.

While working in the event marketing field, Kristin worked on accounts for Philip Morris, Miller Lite, American Express, and Bank of America. In 2008, she exited corporate America to become a stay at home Mom.


Personal-¬†Kristin was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina and still considers herself a southern girl. She has lived in Alabama, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Houston, TX. She recently moved north to Dallas and became Digital Operations Director for From a very early age, she’s had a passion for writing, and desire to interact with people. When she’s not working, you can find her playing with her son and daughter, at a football/baseball game or other sporting event or in the H2O somewhere.

She loves to travel and at one point in her career was on the road about 80% of the time. A movie fanatic, its not unusual to see her spending a day at the movies or binge watching Netflix from home. Her dream jobs would include traveling to every water park in the world and sharing her experiences; working for a professional sports team like the Houston Texans; or touring luxury resorts throughout the world.

Often referred to as a workaholic, since becoming a Mom, her world revolves around her 8 year old daughter, and 6 year old son. Craft beers, gadgets, trucks, cowboy boots, live music (especially country) and dancing are just a few of her favorite things. is PR friendly and open to hearing your ideas. If you think your brand is a good fit, please send an email to

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